back-in-kinston currents.

reading dracula, by bram stoker. and i couldn't possibly be more in love with it. i was so pleasantly surprised by this classic, as the last classic i attempted reading - wuthering heights - is still collecting dust on my bookshelf, having been only half-read. what i'm saying is, i. love. dracula.
writing in my beautiful new set of notebooks. if you're anything like me, pretty writing utensils always inspires me to get creative. i picked up a set of three compendium notebooks at target in shreveport, & they are just what the doctor ordered. i'm also working on thank-yous - can't wait to write about my shower!
listening to gilmore girls on a continuous loop. medicine for the soul. it really is.
thinking today is a bit of a wasted day. what have i done? watched a lot of gilmore girls, drank a lot of coffee [it's only fitting, don't you think?], & called the north carolina department of transportation. i guess that's at least one productive thing. so, not totally wasted. but close.
smelling great since i finally got to shower yesterday - being in the same clothes for over 24 hours does not do well for your self-confidence. my flight out of shreveport ended up getting way delayed on wednesday, since there was bad weather in dallas. i ended up getting stuck in dallas for the night - once we got there - & luckily i was able to shack with my future brother- & sister-in-law. i got to shower at their house, but i had to put the same clothes back on [this is where i start to understand the always pack a clean change of clothing in your carry-on speech]. needless to say, it was so great to roll up into kinston yesterday afternoon, jump in that shower, & put on a fresh set of clothes. 
wishing i didn't feel so scatter-brained today. 
hoping i wake up tomorrow with a renewed sense of purpose - purpose to clean the house, that is. and work out. 
wearing my well-worn-in purple millsaps sweat shirt that kara gave me for christmas a couple years ago. and workout shorts. wishful thinking? i'm also wearing darker hair. which i love.
loving my new link-up! justin & i were discussing the things we miss most about shreveport, & the book club i was a part of definitely shows up on that list! thus, the thought process behind critique cache - it's a monthly book & music review link-up. the rules? just write a post about something you've read or listened to in the last month, then link up! it'll be a great way to discover new reads & listens. 
wanting chinese food for dinner. even though i had it for lunch. addictive personality, right here.
needing a nap. but i keep guilting myself out of it.
feeling sleepy. could you tell?
----> NEW: clicking all of bethany's travel posts. when i was delayed at the airport, it was comforting to read that i wasn't alone! plus, i can't wait to read about her kuwait adventures. also? suri's burn book. i can't get enough of it. 


Melissa said…
LOVE Bethany's blog! Glad that both of you had safe (though delayed) travels, xo!
angie said…
gilmore girls is the best isn't it! xx

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