Thursday, July 12, 2012

lindsey's engaged!

lindsey & i met in an office. she sat at one desk, & i sat at the other desk, which was conveniently tucked into a closet. and on our first few days together, she tap-tap-tapped on her keyboard, & i stressed out about what i was supposed to be doing. just ask her - i was hell-bent on figuring out what i was supposed to be doing in there. and the truth is, i don't really think anyone knew.

i can still remember the moment. you know, the moment when two people realize that they aren't just going to be coworkers - they're going to be friends. for lindsey & me, this moment happened over a lunch of downstairs salads. [those things are the devil, disguised as delicious salad-y goodness. if you don't believe me, go read this.]

anyway, back to the moment.

we were minding our own business, enjoying our deceitfully-healthy-looking salads, engaging in what i'm sure was polite small talk, when it happened. a rogue lettuce leaf dropped from lindsey's fork, escaping to who-knows-where on our office floor. we froze. then, we searched. the lettuce leaf was nowhere to be found. surely it was hiding in the corner somewhere, silently mocking us, because we searched & searched to no avail. finally, i retreated back into my closet, while lindsey sat back in her chair in frustration. [i'm dramatic, remember?]

just as we were getting ready to wave the white flag, lindsey threw her chair back, pointed her thumb-and-forefinger gun at the lettuce leaf, exclaimed, there it is!, & proceeded to shoot this lettuce leaf dead.

i'm not sure when we stopped laughing. i'm not sure if we ever stopped laughing.

all i know is, that moment opened up the flood gates for what became some of the most memorable, entertaining, & hilarious two-and-a-half years of my life. that moment fully introduced me to one of the funniest girls i know - and also, one of the best friends i know.

read their engagement story here.

photo: levy conference reception 2010 \ courtesy of lindsey


Ashley said...

Congratulations to her!! 2 engaged buddies!

Chris said...

What a great story! I love when I can remember the moment when a great friendship starts.

Emmett Katherine said...

It's always great when you meet someone you know is going to be a great friend :)

DJ said...

I love this story!

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