friday's fancies #39 + friday's letters.

friday's fancies #39: mint julep.
ok, so my sister & anna claire called me on it: i don't even particularly care for mint juleps. but when {av} announced that this week's friday's fancies theme was to craft an outfit after one of your favorite summer treats, i knew i wanted to go with a mint-ish theme. i've been loving punches of green lately, so this kaliko shine bardot dress practically jumped onto my polyvore board without any effort of my part. these miu miu peep toes have been sitting in my favorite items for so long, just begging to be used, so of course, this time, i obliged. and admittedly, this brown-toned michael kors zip-around iphone wristlet doesn't really go with the black accents found in the shoes, but i can't really resist pretty much anything michael kors, so i didn't resist this either. everyone knows the that jewelry is always the icing on the cake, & this peridot ring absolutely fits that bill. not to mention, it's also my birth stone. bonus!
dear anna claire, we're going to have so much fun on our road trip tomorrow: sugar free red bull, playlists, dancing, singing, obnoxious amounts of picture taking... all the stuff of having a blast just getting there. i can't wait! dear jenny, i hope you're ready to rock out for your bachelorette party. dear new swim suit, it's true... i didn't want to buy you. but the truth is, i think you're pretty precious. dear kara, i couldn't be more excited that our new sing-along song is closing time. and it makes me want to watch friends with benefits. dear mollie jean, i love your rabbit kicks. dear justin, i miss you. i miss you. i miss you. i'm ready for wilmington. dear wilmington, i hope you're every bit as lovely as i'm remembering you. dear orange beach, get ready.
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jeands said…
that shoes and dress are simply gorgeous!

happy weekend!
angie said…
another gorgeous outfit from you! i'm loving these friday letter's posts too :) they are so cute!
Amanda said…
Love Love Love this look! The dress is absolutely adorable!
Happy Weekend!
Betsy said…
peridot's my birthstone too and I'm usually not a fan - but that ring is gorge!
Nicole said…
Those shoes! OH I want!!
Jess said…
Ahhhh I'm loving all the drink inspirations! Have fun on your road trip! Wheee!
That dress is SO cute! Love everything about this outfit.
CoverGirl + Converse
Brittany Walsh said…
Great post today! Especially love the outfit.
So lovely! I think I need the ring...
Sammantha said…
Girlfriend, I am SO in love with your blog design! New follower, xoxo

Stop by and say hi sometime!
Nikell said…
That mint color is so pretty. It can even be worn in the fall. Those shoes...LOVE (^_^)

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend,
Nicholl Vincent said…
love that classic outfit!

have a great weekend! come say hello at
Michelle said…
If you feel good in that swimsuit it is a must buy! If you ask me we need all the help we can feeling confident running around in next to nothing - if a new swimsuit makes you feel good go for it!
Hope you had an awesome road trip x

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