back-in-shreveport currents.

you caught me.
i actually wrote this post on sunday night. so, i guess it's your call: does this collection of thoughts actually qualify as 'currents,' since i'm posting them on a monday? either way, here they are...

reading graceling, a book recommended to me by my friend laura. i'm really enjoying it so far, but i have to say, i miss dracula. i can't get over how much i loved that book. i'm now trying to talk my dad into reading it, but he's currently enjoying the girl who played with fire, another great one.
writing names on envelopes this week.
listening to gilmore girls. first season. and loving every second of it.
thinking about starting work tomorrow [or should i say, today?]. i'm excited to be working with my dad this month! also thinking about everything i need to accomplish tomorrow: work, invitation appointment, working out, etc.
smelling not much of anything right now, which is a bit weird.
wishing justin was in shreveport with me. i know he is lonely, & i already miss him.
hoping this week goes well - i know it will take some time to get used to my new routine, AKA waking up early for work again.
wearing the lovely pajama shorts that i won in eliza's giveaway. i ADORE them.
loving the fact that i got to have starbucks sunday today [yesterday?]. and that i will be spending some time with my family! and the lipstick i borrowed from kara today. more on that later.
wanting to go to sleep. i'm tired. and switching back to the central time zone from the eastern time zone means i'm feeling like it's an hour later than it actually is. that's how i'm justifying the tired-ness. that, and the fact that i drove seventeen hours in the past two days.
needing a glass of water.
feeling caffeinated. which probably isn't a good thing, since i need to go to sleep to get up early in the morning. is it weird that i am both tired & caffeinated at the same time? yeah, i don't really understand it either.
clicking this live streaming video of sweet puppies that betsy posted. they are precious, & i can't get enough of them.


I'm rewatching gilmore girls from the beginning too! I'm almost to season them for always. :)
These posts always make me smile, and today's didn't fail to do so once again! :) I'm totally hearin ya - right now there's nothing I'd rather do than go right back under my cozy covers and back to bed. Oh well, the weekend isn't too far away...sorta. :)
CoverGirl + Converse
Audrey Allure said…
Lovely! Miss Gilmore Girls - haven't watched those episodes in awhile :)
Tiffany said…
Love Gilmore Girls! I own all 7 seasons on DVD :) I'm trying to kick my caffeine habit but I'm still feeling wired late at night.
Elizabeth said…
I love hearing about all your little wedding details- too exciting for you! Hope you're doing well & not staying too stressed.

Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment
Ashley said…
Awesome that you won a giveaway!!
Jayme and Mendi said…
I think you get a free pass considering that you drove seventeen hours over the weekend. Rest up! Hope you have a great week!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings
LOVE Gilmore Girls! What a great series!

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