friday's fancies #36 + friday's letters.

friday's fancies #36: stars & stripes.

as you will read more about next week [get excited!], justin & i are moving south, closer to the beach! with this in mind, i decided to craft a stars & stripes beach-inspired look. i don't think i could have found a more perfect beachy tank top than this t alexander wang slub classic tank. it looks like the most comfy little top to just throw on & go, while still looking stylish & put-together. i also love the color. these ecru denim shorts from dorothy perkins are the perfect counterpart to the tank discussed above. they are structured, yet casual - & i love that they aren't harsh white - i much prefer creams, any day. you can't go wrong with a good flip flop, & these j.crew leather capri sandals are no exception. why bother with fussy shoes when you're beach bound?! now, for the fun parts: i absolutely adore this precious hat, which also would provide extra protection from the sun. i may be going a little crazy with all the accessories, but i just couldn't say no to this patriotic rock star-spangled scarf - it's just perfect for the occasion, wouldn't you agree? and a day at the beach just wouldn't be the same without my aveeno active naturals continuous protection sunblock lotion or this kiehl's lip balm.

our actual fourth of july was spent enjoying some all-american hot dogs & root beer, followed by a leisurely day off work, watching movies & enjoying each other's company. perfect!

dear apartment search, we are coming at you strong again this weekend! armed with more knowledge, we are ready to take you on. and we're also thrilled to make a final decision about you next week.

dear kara, enjoy the rest of your parisian adventure! i can't wait to see you when we both arrive home.

dear justin, i'm going to miss you a lot while we're apart, but i know it's all going to be worth it. and don't worry, i will send you packages in the mail, whether you think i actually will or not. 

dear dad, i'm really excited to get to work with you in the coming weeks. it'll be great to spend some time together.

dear mom, i'm really excited to spend time sitting on the porch with you, reading & wedding planning.

dear anna claire, i'm looking forward to our record-listening party, as well as tie-dyeing, sno cones, porch time, etc. 

dear lindsey, i can't wait to finally congratulate you in person!

dear jenny, your bachelorette party is clear on the horizon - i can't wait! then, your wedding isn't far behind!

dear justin, i feel like i'm saying this all the time in my letters lately, but thank you for dealing with the ugly stressed-out version of myself. i promise, i am going to get better soon. 

dear fourth-of-july short work week, i love you.

dear next week, so glad that justin is off work for you. we're going to need you, with all the packing, decision-making, & appointments we're going to fill you up with.

dear readers, go read my critique of dracula, by bram stoker. it's not one you'll want to miss, especially if you're bad at reading classics, like me. and if you've read dracula, please let me know what you thought of it! then, you should link up & tell me about what you've been reading/watching/listening to this past month. i'd love to know what i need to add to my list!
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Roxy said…
we used the same top!!! Love your look the scarf is perfect with everything!! Have a good weekend!!
Yay! Glad it worked out with you working for your dad ad making the move! Super exciting :)

And that outfit looks perfect for celebrating the 4th!
Laura said…
I love this look, so cute! The hat is fabulous :)
Such a perfect beach outfit!

xo emily
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Cheryl Enlow said…
This outfit is so cute and oh so me!! Love it girl!

I dont know how I haven't been following your blog this whole time but now I am! You have a new follower :)
Brittany Walsh said…
Stopping by from the link up to say hi!

Enjoy your weekend. Sitting on the porch wedding planning sounds like fun to me.
Perfect outfit! The hat is SO cute-wish I could add it to my closet.

P.s. Yay for moving south/closer to the beach :)
love that american flag scarf! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow my preppy blog. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog! I also just added a Southern Tide giveaway!
Amy Powell said…
cute! love the hat/scarf addition :)
happy Friday!
Great, beachy outfit! I love the hat. Good luck with the move :-)
Emily grapes said…
How fun you get to work with your dad. I always enjoyed doing that.

I hope you find an apt. soon. That can be the worst thing ever! Or fun..haha
have a great and enjoyable weekend!
Emily at Amazing Grapes
Ashley said…
Love that outfit! So festive :) The hat is too cute. Good luck apartment hunting this weekend-- I've been doing the same thing recently! Almost there...
Lindsay said…
That hat and that scarf are just so darn fun! Love this look!
Jess said…
What a darling scarf and hat! Glad you had a successful 4th!!!!
Kathy B said…
New follow - Kathy B.
Hop over and join me your always Welcome!
Erin Reissig said…
I'm in love with hats rit now. I just bought a huge sun hat that I plan on we wearing the heck out of the rest if the summer.

Because we are new best friends, I'm following your lovely blog now. Lol!
Morgan said…
Amazing hat!!! I want it now! Have a great weekend!
Betsy said…
I love those letters, especially the last one to Justin. I need to send one of those to Jon!
jeands said…
I love the whole thing and will wear this in a heartbeat. perfect for beach or picnic.

happy weekend.
Michelle said…
Good luck with your apartment search, dont give up and be patient because the one is out there waiting for you :)
we loved here. said…
That outfit is too cute!!
Just found your blog through FF link up! Following along with you now :)
Amy xo
Meggan said…
I am in love with that scarf!! So perfect for the 4th!
Nicholl Vincent said…
that scarf is perfect!


have a good one!
Nicole Rene said…
awww that hat is adorabbbbble!!!!! I want it for the beach lol!!! :) Have a great weekend!
Ashton Belle said…
Love that whole outfit, and ya you have to love the short week!

Your newest follower Ashton from:
Brooke Arellano said…
Hi! Stopping by from the hop! Am now a new follower:) Would love if you could check out my blog:
love that outfit! so simple but SO festive and cute!

Kate said…
Cute outfit! Love the hat!
linz marie said…
well, i think it is official- everyone loves the hat and scarf!
I can't wait to jump up and down in person either! eek! So glad things worked out at your dad's office. See you SOOOON :):):)

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