the whole time we were both in kinston, justin & i had been meaning to go to a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant called christopher's. finally, during justin's vacation week, we made it to this downtown staple.

i'm glad we did.

when you look around, you'll notice all the trappings of a well-established, well-loved diner: pictures of hometown heros, softball teams, & t-shirts bearing the place's logo adorn the crowded wall-space. the chandalier-esque light fixtures, juxtaposed with the open-air kitchen, industrial coffee machines, & well-worn booths offer a cozy, grandma-and-grandpa's-house ambiance that'll make you feel as if you never want to leave.

and then, there's the food, which tastes as if it were made with love & pulled straight off of a hot stove, which it probably was. the fluffy, crispy, perfectly-browned belgian waffle is sure to satisfy when paired with the sugary sweet maple syrup.

we loved everything about christopher's on our initial visit, so we went back again that very same week. if you ever find yourself in east carolina, christopher's is a place to check out. you'll leave feeling that just-visited-grandma's-house feeling.

and, really, everyone needs that once in a while.

photos: christopher's in kinston \ instagram


Wow, what a wonderful spot! It looks like the quiteessential small town diner...LOVE that.

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