homecoming bound.

this morning, justin & i are headed over to our beloved college town: ruston, louisiana. while there, we will be partaking in homecoming festivities, touring the updated campus, & just generally enjoying being back where we spent our undergrad days. i am positively brimming with excitement. i can't wait to spend this lovely long-weekend saturday in the setting of my fondest memories.

these photos are from homecoming of 2007, which was our senior year. it was a very special year for me, as i was given a huge honor - one that meant the world to me: i was named sweetheart of justin's fraternity. i will never forget that day; it was one in which i was surrounded by some of my very best friends, in one of my very favorite places: louisiana tech university. i feel lucky to have such memories, & i also feel lucky that justin & i are still together after all these years, so that we can head back to our college town to celebrate homecoming together. and i really do hope it's a tradition that we continue. here's hoping this year is as lovely as they come.

happy homecoming & go dawgs!



aww! how sweet! and (late) congratulations on being named the sweetheart! :) i'm sure you deserved it. :)
Sam said…
(warning: sorority talk) was Justin a SAE? I see the phi alpha flag. (or perhaps you were an alpha phi and the photo is flipped).

What a tremendous honor to be the sweetheart. you must have sparkled for days.
Caitlin C. said…
Aww I love this! How special that you were the sweetheart of the fraternity :) This was our homecoming weekend as well!
Jennifer said…
Very cute blog. I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more!
Fash Boulevard said…
aww i adore this. amazing post, love. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. If you have a second I'd love to hear what you think of my latest outfit post. Also I'm doing my very first amazing jewelry giveaway! So excited. xo

Aw I hope you had a blast! My college doesn't have a homecoming :( I was in a sorority but the west coast college scene just isn't the same as the south.

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