on hair appointments.

there's something about walking through the salon doors & being greeted with a hearty 'hey honey! come on in & grab a smock!'

there's something about plopping down in that swivel chair, wondering what the new you will look like after all the work has been done.

there's something about the pungent aroma of hair dye; the crunch of the foil papers as they are folded into your head and smoothed over with a comb; the controlled sloppiness of the brush, sweeping foreign color onto your strands, section by small section.

there's just something about hair appointments.

maybe it's my not-so-secret dream of being a hair stylist. maybe it's simply my not-so-secret obsession with hair. either way, sometimes all it takes to brighten up a run-of-the-mill wednesday afternoon is a swivel chair & a highlight session.

(photo: iphone)


Ohhh I love that feeling. I am in dire need of getting my hair done!
whitney said…
well said!

which reminds me....making appt now.

Hannah said…
Amen! I just got my hair done, too. It's seriously like magic in making me feel like a whole new person afterwards!
StarletStarlet said…
I wish I could make more hair appointments. But my favorite stylist is so hard to get to, location and schedule wise. So I have to be patient. BUT I am going to chop off my waist length hair to a pixie next week! I cannot wait.
Jenna said…
Awww! I love this post. I work the front desk at a salon, and I think it is one of the happiest jobs in the world!

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