miscellany monday #5: another list of lovely things.

i thought that for today's miscellany monday (link up with carissa here), i'd type out another* little list of lovely things to be thankful for.

1. justin's north carolina license was approved!
this is huge! this means that as soon as justin finds a job that's the right fit, he can start working as soon as he needs to... because he's licensed to work there! i know that after all the tedious errands he had to go on (like getting finger-printed at the not-so-local prison, because no one else in our hometown does electronic fingerprints, or getting a seemingly endless list of recomendation letters), he is absolutely relieved to have completed this step of beginning his career. i'm so proud! ... and speaking of his career... 

2. justin will be heading to north carolina this week for a few interviews.
after a rather painstaking couple of weeks in the job hunt, things are finally coming together. i know he is stressed & just ready for this whole process to be over with, but i also know he will do well on these interviews. i'm nothing but excited about all the opportunities he has to explore. (and i'm also glad to have written about these things on my blog - it's fun to look back even to the last list of lovely things & see that i was writing about him passing his boards then. it's just fun to see the progression of events!)

3. my sister is in town. 
as written about here & here, my sister kara has been in town since friday! and let me tell y'all, it really has been so great having her home. on friday, we had family dinner at cantina laredo, where one of her high school friends ended up being our waiter. not to mention, i'm pretty sure everyone in the restaurant came up to our table to say hey to her (she's one popular gal, in case you didn't know). on saturday, we watched adventureland (one of my favorites) while we both got ready for nights out. and on sunday, kara, mom, & i went on a little shopping trek. we also went to church & had family art project night last night. all in all, i'm just glad to have everyone together again, & i'm dreading tuesday, when she'll head back east for more campus goings-on.

4. homecoming. and no, i don't mean long, sparkly dresses. or corsages.
if you know anything about me, know this: homecoming always has been (& i'd wager always will be) my favorite college holiday. and this year, justin & i will be making the hour-long journey east to the quaint little town of ruston, louisiana, in order to take part in the festivities. i'm so excited to see old friends & explore the new aspects of tech's campus. tech has been growing since we attended school there not so many years ago, & i'm anxious to see the additions that have popped up since my visit last november. i'll also be taking a mini-vacation from work (think long weekend), so it'll be a time of fun & relaxation. i couldn't be more excited.


*the first list of lovely things may be viewed here.


Whitney said…
I love the list. I can relate on the job hunt, my husband has been looking for a job and this past week there was a lot of progress made. Now all we can do is cross our fingers!

Tiffany said…
Have so much fun at homecoming!! Sounds like it will be filled with friends which is always fun.
Great list, congrats to justin! Where in NC are yall looking? We just moved from WInston-salem. I love everything about North Carolina!
Ashley said…
I love college Homecoming weekend... so much fun! Sounds like a fun weekend with your fam, too :)
Susan said…
It's our Homecoming weekend this upcoming week too! I can't wait, it's always such a fun time of year! Enjoy yours!
aww I miss homecoming weekends! What part of NC is Justin interviewing in?

This makes me miss my sister who recently moved far away. You sound like you have a really close relationship! It's one of the greatest gifts to have a sister ;)

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