a list of lovely things.

mollie jean is lovely too.

you know how i love my lists.

you know how i love my lovely things.

joining the two seemed appropriate.

1. justin passed his boards.
after what felt like weeks upon weeks of waiting (in truth it was only 3 days), justin woke to the news that he had officially passed his physician assistant certifying board exam. what does this mean? well - it means that now he can begin looking for a job! in fact, i've been told that is on the agenda for next week: job hunting & applying for state licenses. this is extremely exciting & what we've all been waiting for. i am so proud of him, & i know that he is extremely excited to begin working & putting that education & his skills to use!

2. i think i may have chosen my career path.
more on this to come. by the time you're reading this, i will have taken my GRE, which is, of course, the first step to all of this madness. justin & i have been doing a lot of research on graduate programs, & just last night i found one that i am kind of smitten with, which really has the gears turning in my head. unfortunately, i will not receive my GRE scores until november (basically a century away), but in the meantime, i will be further researching schools as well as preparing all the other documents involved. as my 'decision' is still in the formative stages (why is it so hard for me to commit to things like life goals?), i'm going to wait on posting all the details. but please, say a little prayer for me & my new endeavor! 

3. crafting is on the horizon.
lately i've been sharing my love of pinterest with my mom (and yes, she has most definitely requested an invite). in our perusal of that lovely website, we have happened upon some shared crafting interests that we plan on creating together. now, just to begin the hunt for some lovely vintage frames! i've also been keeping up - and working on daily - an item from my 25 in 25 list. i'm pretty excited about my dedication, seeing as that is something i'm a little bit lacking in sometimes (it's ok - i totally know this about myself... it's no surprise).

4. taylor swift & i are going to be bffs.
that's right, & it all  begins on tuesday, when i go see her in concert. seriously, i have been waiting to see taylor swift live for like, upward of two years (just ask justin - i've been dropping hints about wanting to see her for probably as long as he can remember). it'll be a night of great fun, i'm sure, especially owing to the great group of girls i'll be going with. we've had our tickets for over a month now, & the anticipation is really starting to get to me! i feel like a little kid waiting for christmas.

that's all for now.

i hope there are lovely things happening in your life, too.

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Jenna said…
I am also a lover of lists. And lovely things too for that matter.

How did the GRE go? I also have to wait until November for my scores, and I took my test in early August! At least they give you a range for your verbal and QR sections right away :)

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