a summer spent with stieg larsson & emily giffin.

in order of enjoyment.

love the one you're with, by emily giffin.

by far the best of all giffin's reads, love the one you're with is introspective & touching. the narrator runs into an old flame exactly one year after her marriage to 'the good guy.' chaos ensues. i was on the edge of my seat in anticipation & suspense for almost the entire novel. by the end, i was itching to see which path ellen would end up taking.

the girl who played with fire, by stieg larsson.

and this was, by far, the best of the larsson trilogy. it was fast-paced throughout almost its entirety; there were only a few slow spots of endless investigational jargon. other than that, i'd say, top notch... & what i was expecting out of the entire series.

heart of the matter, by emily giffin.

i have to admit this one ranks high because it was my travel book when i trekked to the carolinas this summer. don't get me wrong - i love all of the giffin book because, well, i just love them - but, this one could not hold a flame to love the one you're with. it still piqued my curiosity, though, and kept me wanting more by the end.

baby proof, by emily giffin.

possibly my least favorite of all of giffin's works, this one was still heart-warming, true, honest, & real. something i must say about all of emily giffin's books is that, you feel like you really know these characters. i always feel the instinct to reach through the pages & help them out. 

the girl with the dragon tattoo, by stieg larsson.

this is the first of the trilogy, & in all honesty, it took me longer to read that i thought it would have. once i got through the gristly parts, i was in love. and i truthfully could not wait to pick up the girl who played with fire, which definitely stole the show.

the girl who kicked the hornet's nest, by stieg larsson.

sorry stieg, but this one isn't leaving me very impressed, as i have not even finished it. call it laziness on my part, but i just wasn't as intrigued to power through it as i was with all the others. i fully intend to finish this book after the fall reading list has been completed. i hope the remaining pages prove me wrong.

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Annie said…
The two books on the top of your pile are in my to-read pile! I love evrything I've read by Giffin, but I'm a little wary about getting into another larsson book, I feel like the first was overrated...
Jenna said…
Amazing post! I got so excited when I saw Emily Giffin in the post title, haha.

"Baby Proof" is actually my favorite of all of Emily Giffin's novels! I thought it would be my least favorite, but I ended up loving it. I really enjoy "Love the One You're With" as well :) "Heart of the Matter" is at the bottom of my Emily Giffin list (though I think I love even that one just because it's by Ms. Giffin!).
Kelsey said…
I'm reading The Girl who Played with Fire as well. The first book took me like six months to read - and I'm one who reads a book a week so.. that is saying something. It was awesome after like page 80. Don't you think?

I just started #2 - good to know that it stays awesome! Thanks..

Kelsey - Harbor Cottage
linz marie said…
There is just something about that stack of books! Is it that they are new, or me wanting to fan the pages to smell that book scent that I love so much?! Whatever it is, it is inspiring me to pick one up :)

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