yes, the rumors are true: i am the biggest twenty-five-year-old dork in america (t swift recap).

we stood there, cameras at the ready.

i swayed back & forth in my feather dress & cowboy ankle boots.

we took a million pictures, while we meshed with the anxiously waiting crowd.

and then, it began.

and i barely took any pictures, because i just wanted to focus on enjoying everything & taking it all in - on really being present. i did manage to tear my eyes away from the stage long enough to send a few frantic text messages (for example: taylor grabbed my hand. i'm not kidding.)* but they required repeated effort, being blocked by the massive onslaught of social media crammed into one small place.

i'll be the first to admit, i get star-struck pretty easily (hi, luke wilson). so, of course, the simple fact that i am in the same room with taylor swift, & i am watching her sing songs & talk in real life, really got the best of me.

the music was reverberating all around us, & - in true concert fashion - i could feel the excitement of the music coursing through my body. i couldn't believe the power, energy, & emotion being emitted from & for this tiny person onstage, with blonde, curly hair & perfect red lips.

and as she sang 'enchanted' - with the talented dancers colorfully twirling all around her onstage - i had a moment of clarity: i was reassured that i belong in the artistic world. it was like the moment spoke to me & said, 'you can't not be a part of things like this.'

and i am grateful for that reassurance, because it's something i need pretty much constantly.

another performance that was especially striking was that of 'dear john.' 
it was intense. sarah leaned over to me at the end & said,

'you just  know that's about someone.'

and even though pretty much all of taylor swift's song are about someone,
i knew what she meant. the raw emotion was evident.

there was just a general, overpowering sense of this being genuine for her - something that she really loves. her passion. and when she told us that this passion of hers had only just started out as a hobby - that she had never dreamed that she would be here, putting on a concert for a packed arena of fans - & thanked us for letting it be her career, i was just amazed. i felt like that was a statement many people could relate to.

those words made it impossible for me not to realize & accept what i know i have been yearning for - to make my own hobby into my passion & hopefully - eventually - my career.

so, you can call me dorky, corny, sentimental, etc., all you want - but this concert was an experience for me.

dare i say, an enchanting one.

*yes, that really did happen. and i'm pretty sure i almost fainted.


Joelle said…
If you are the biggest twenty-five year old dork in America, then I am the biggest twenty-four year dork in America...

I felt the exact same way when I saw her in concert. It was absolutely one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen. Her music just means so much to me, probably the same that it means to you.

Thanks for sharing this with me today. So glad you liked her concert!

Jenna said…
Ahh what an experience!!

So I just read your post about Luke Wilson, and I must ask for more details!! He wouldn't take a picture with you?!! That is SO sad!
Meagan Shack said…
So glad you got to experience that. I wish I could have been there. I just love that Taylor is such a positive influence for all the girls out there. Our world needs someone like her.

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