friday's fancies #2. labor day chic.

friday's fancies: labor day chic.

friday's fancies: labor day chic. by siddathornton  - everyone go link up with {av} on {long distance loving} here.
3 1 Phillip Lim sheer shirt
$495 -

Carine Gilson underwire bikini swimwear
$480 -

Carine Gilson bikini swimwear
$380 -

Lanvin wedge high heels
£550 -

Dorothy Perkins orange necklace
£20 -

Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight by NARS

i can't think of a better way to spend labor day, than cruising around on a sail boat. so when i sat around pondering my second friday's fancies post & its corresponding theme, 'labor day chic,' i already knew the direction i was heading, & it was toward the water.

and unfortunately this is all just make-believe, as my real labor day will be spent studying for the GRE.

this phillip lim button up shirt is the perfect sheer cover-up if you have fair skin that gets crispy (read: painfully burnt) really easily, like mine. of course i chose white linen, as i am one that follows the 'no white after labor day' rule. (i know, i know... i can't help it... i just always have). this chic linen piece satisfies my need to have one last hurrah of sorts, while also providing my skin with a much-needed break from the rays. of course the lanvin wedges & dorothy perkins chunky necklace are a bit over the top for a day on the lake, but i just couldn't resist (& the whole point of this is about dreaming, right?). i also couldn't say no to the precious, retro-ish silhouette of this little black bikini. ruffles never scare me. it was love at first sight. for another pop of color, i threw in a chanel polish i'm currently lusting over: peridot. one sheer, candy-pink sweep of nars turkish delight lip gloss, & i'd be ready to tackle a day of sunbathing, drinks with umbrellas, & those last few summer breezes.


amazing shoes and necklace!! very cute glad to see you back for another week :-)
Love your Friday Fancies. I'm going to snatch up that Chanel polish this weekend!
Stephanie said…
What a great outfit! Love those wedges! Good luck studying!
carissa said…
i especially love the sandals. i fall for anything natural looking and brown. now i'm wishing i could go sailing.

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