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it's lovely labor day weekend, & justin & i are holed up in barnes & noble, studying for our respective september tests. his marks the end of his professional schooling, & mine marks the beginning of mine. it's a funny little crossroads to find ourselves at. but a good one, too.

as i take a little study break, i thought i'd join in the miscellany over at lowercase letters. this is my second week in a row to link up, & as i have admired this feature from afar for quite some time, i must say it brings a smile to my face to take part again!

1. football frenzied festivities.

saturday was what some most of my friends & family consider the most exciting time of the year: the first weekend of college football. & with lsu & florida playing within a mere hour of one another, i knew that we would be busy flipping back & forth between the two games (which we were). justin & most of his family are huge florida gators fans, & most of my family are huge lsu fans. i like to think of myself as being somewhere in the middle, loving both of the teams & cheering them on. of course, this causes a bit of confusion when justin & i attend the lsu-florida games, but on those days i just like to remain neutral. i have really grown to love football (a big change from my high school days of not caring at all), so i am welcoming the chilly days of being huddled around a television, cheering & enjoying everyone's company, with open arms. not to mention, both lsu & florida won their games this weekend - go gators & go tigers! since louisiana tech (where i attended college) didn't win this weekend, i'm sending some extra love their way in hopes of a win next time! let the football frenzy begin!

2. quality college company.

in celebration of the above-mentioned football frenzy, justin & i spent some time over at our college friends' house. this resulted in an early afternoon full of college-reminiscent fun. i will be the first to admit that i miss the college lifestyle early & often, so of course, i was in heaven. not only were we promised an afternoon full of shameless fun & laughter, but i also got to catch up with some of the guys i don't often get to see. it was, as you may have guessed, lovely. something i'll readily admit to missing especially terribly about my college days are the lazy saturdays spent on comfy second-hand couches, watching the endless string of football games & drifting in & out of blissful, sleepy naps. add rain to the mix (as was the case this weekend), & you have the secret recipe for some of my very favorite days. ever.

we did, however, spend actual game time within the comfort of home, as it was an absolute must to give equal time to both florida & lsu. since we live in louisiana, this is not readily available among our friends, who are mostly die-hard tiger fans (as is to be expected). though we would have loved to either stay where we were or spend some time with matt & jessica, we thought it'd be easier to spare our friends from being forced to watch florida too.

3. finally viewing the help.

last night, justin, his mom, & i headed over to tinseltown, snacks hidden in purses, to view the help. it was unexpectedly moving, & i really don't believe there was a dry eye in the house during certain parts of the film. as a reader of the book, i was so exceedingly pleased with how it turned out, & it will definitely be purchased when it's out on DVD.

4. hurricane weather.

i know there's probably something inherently wrong with loving 'hurricane weather,' but let me explain before you write me off as crazy. it's not the actual hurricanes i'm a fan of (& anyone who knows me will quickly assure you that i am absolutely petrified of any weather phenomenon that sprials... read: tornados) - it's the accompanying grey skies, constant drippity-droppity rainy weather, & the welcome break from the oven-esque humidity & triple-digit temperatures of the louisiana summer that i am smitten with. so yes, i am a fan of hurricane weather, but certainly not hurricanes in & of themselves.

5. the beginning of new a new fitness revolution.

this week i have promised myself to run & do pilates every day. & the truth is, i know that i will feel fabulous come friday.

i hope that everyone has had a lovely, relaxing labor day weekend. there's just something about having that extra day off work that makes you feel like being unhappy is just plain impossible.

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