Tuesday, September 6, 2011

what i wore (a couple of weeks ago).

outfit of a day.

i am not wearing this today.

and i certainly do not consider myself a fashionista. i truly love fashion, i do - it's just not something that i find myself putting a whole lot of effort into. maybe if i were a more put-together person, with a clean room & laundry done, i would feel the urge + ability = productivity to be more creative in the closet.

but sometimes - just sometimes - my minimal effort produces something that i really like, be it truly fashionable or not. and that is exactly what happened when i put this orange dress & new birthday scarf together, with a tiny, brown, woven belt.

granted, this was a work look, given those modest brown pumps (and surprise! you can even see my badge lurking in the folds of the scarf - how chic). 

and of course i build my life on promises & resolutions & fresh starts. and of course it is all beginning to sound a little bit trite to me (and no doubt to everyone in my life). but i'd like to think that, with the posting of this little outfit, i've given myself a tiny push. a tiny nudge. a tiny hope that maybe, just maybe, i can put some effort into my outfits each day. that i can learn to take a little bit more pride in my day-to-day threads.

because really, it's important to remember that we only live once.

it's important to remember to cherish & celebrate each & every day.

each & every second.


Jenna @ LaFemmeLaFanciful.com said...

I absolutely love that scarf!! Very cute outfit!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I love your outfit and what you did with the scarf. The outfit looks playful with all that pop of color but at the same time it could also be corporate because of your shoes. I love your outfit.

Natalie said...

You are rocking the belted scarf look! Love it!

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