starbucks sunday: on accomplishment.

let's talk about one of my favorite feelings.

it's the feeling that happens after you've accomplished something.

something you've been dreading & anticipating at the same time.

something that's been weighing on you mentally. and probably emotionally.

something you've prepared for.

something you've worried over.

something that marks a new beginning in your life.

yes, that feeling is the one.

and today, i am thankful - ever so thankful - for that feeling.


but let's be totally honest here: the feeling of sipping on a
tall, nonfat, no whip pumpkin spice latte
is also an amazing feeling.


carissa said…
cute. : ) what about drinking a latte right after accomplishing something big?! now that is a win-win in the amazing category!
Jenna said…
That really is such a fantastic feeling!

And I also enjoyed a pumpkin spice latte yesterday :) My friend and I have decided that they are euphoric, and we would choose drinking one over many, many other things in this world.

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