miscellany monday #3: a list of currents.


reading catching fire, by suzanne collins. i was told i would be addicted to these books, but i had no idea the extent to which my nose would be glued to the pages. i picked this book up from target last night, & began reading around 8 p.m. i am now on page 139. and if i have any free time at work today, i will be reading.

writing this blog post? haha... how about i tell you what i should be writing? the answer to that question would be letters of intent & manuscripts for grad school. in fact, i really need to do some research on that today.

thinking about the future. and how bright it is. and how much i have to look forward to. a welcome change from the omg college is over & now i have nothing to look forward to mantra i've been carrying around on my shoulders lately.

smelling the new favorite perfume i picked up at grandmother's buttons in st. francisville. it's tokyo milk's lotus sake, & it's an obsession of mine at the moment. believe me, you've gotta try it out. delicious.

wishing for opportunities - especially of the north carolina variety - to present themselves.

hoping for a productive week, full of drive & accomplishment. especially as far as my room & laundry are concerned.

wearing winged eye liner. rimmel london's vintage pink lipstick. i've been obsessed for about a week now. also, e.l.f. polish in plum, which is a great, inexpensive dupe for opi's lincoln park after dark.

loving moo weekends, winged eyeliner, taylor swift, sushi, knitting, & going to church.

wanting to fill up the rest of my MAC eye shadow quad (with vanilla, all that glitters, & espresso). to go to the gym. and to do pilates every day this week during lunch. oh yeah, & the justin bieber perfume... i'm not kidding!

needing to stick to my new budget. it's time to save, save, save!

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Natalie said…
This is so cute. :) Your makeup sounds gorg and that book sounds amazing! Adding it to my "to read" list. :)
I LOVE the Hunger Games trilogy. I am considering going as Katniss for Halloween. East and kick butt ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog :)
carissa said…
i want to read that book now! i'm going to target tomorrow. : )

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