starbucks sunday. our deal.

it hasn't stopped
raining in shreveport.

& i've barely stopped
watching this music video.

& when i haven't been
watching this music video,

it's been playing
in my head.

it's things like this that inspire me to pursue creative writing.

not to mention, i want that hair. right now.

currently sipping a tall nonfat caramel macchiato.


Jenna said…
I saw your comment on Henning Love and just had to follow you since I am also pursuing my MFA in creative writing! I am currently an English-Creative Writing Fiction major and am applying to graduate school for next autumn. I am so happy to have found a fellow creative writer! :) I live with all business majors, and sometimes I can't help but feel impractical with my life goals so it's always nice to know other writers!
linz marie said…
You're so adorable! :) Thanks for sharing your writing gift with the world.

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