while you were out...

justin is headed to north carolina today for interviews & to have a nice little look around at some places we think we may love. i'm so excited that he's finally getting to meet in person with the people he's been having phone dates with, & tour what may be his 'office' in the coming months. and while i'm a little bit jealous that i don't get to go with him, i can't wait to hear all about the people he meets, the places he experiences, & his take on the sure-to-be-beautiful surroundings. i also can't wait for him to come back home, because this weekend we are headed to ruston for our alma mater's homecoming game (which i couldn't be more thrilled about).

when he returns, though, i would like to be able to say, '... and look! here's all the stuff i accomplished while you were out!' so, of course, that means it's time to make a little list.

1. work on my grad school manuscript.
2. finish my knitting project & start the new ones.
3. do all of my laundry.
4. clean out my car.

and really, i think that's enough to keep me busy. so here's hoping all of this will be checked off when justin returns... because if it is, i know i'll feel accomplished & really be able to enjoy the homecoming & halloween festivities with our friends.

here's to safe travels & a lovely little tour of north carolina for moomoo.

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linz marie said…
You're cute. I am pretty sure I have to do all of these things this week as well- except for the grad school manuscript. We should take a lunch break and go have our cars washed profesh ;)
Stephanie said…
Hope his interviews go well and you get everything done!
Sam said…
North Carolina? I'm applying to UNC - and I have all these romantic ideas about it even thought I've never been there.

Sending inspiration to you & your manuscript!

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