the pioneer women: a peek into our book club.

maybe you added her website to your list of favorite cyberspace haunts & it has remined there ever since it made its debut into the blogosphere.

maybe you ravenously tore through her book, craving more & more detail, as soon as it came out.

maybe you've been telling me & telling me (til you're blue in the face) that i should read this book.

that i would love this book. that i would love this person.

and if you have been telling me, i'm happy to finally tell you:

you are correct.

i am absolutely obessed with ree. yes, i am one of those girls. since reading the book, i have subscribed to have each of her blog posts delivered straight into my waiting inbox. i've pored over the archives of her blog. i may have even googled her. i don't know what it is: i think i just like the way that she makes the mundane activities of daily life on a ranch, somehow interesting. and maybe we have the same sense of humor, because i can just hear everything she writes. i was told by a friend that read the book a while back, that ree & i are similar... & i think she was right (and i like it, except for how she handled both the j & puggy sue situations). i have been missing this book terribly ever since i turned the last page. getting to know ree through her easy-peasy read the pioneer woman: black heels to tractor wheels was, to me, inspiring: i love her wit. i love her sarcasm. i love her glamor. and i am beyond thrilled with excitement about its sequel (if the rumors are true).

not everyone shared this view, however, which led to some interesting & engaging discussion last night. i loved hearing how differently everyone's experiences of this particular read panned out. and as we passed around the mason jar of questions, it was fun to hear different anecdotal tales from each person.

and since this was a book club read, i have some pretty pictures to share from our meeting:

... or should i say... a picture? i'm glad to see i was focused on the important stuff at the get-together, like the sangria (which was yummy, by the way). i am certain, though, that between the mad camera skillz of both lindsey & daci, a cute shot or two of actual people at the book club meeting will soon be available for everyone's viewing pleasure. 

in addition to this yummy, spicy, holiday-flavored sangria, there was a spread of the most delicious (& certainly the most fattening) treats i've sampled in quite a while. between the creamy chicken spaghetti casserole, the sweet-yet-tart bruschetta (that i'm craving this morning at 10 a.m.), the most delicious pizza i've ever tasted, & the fluffy, creamy, sweet desserts, i think it's safe to say i shouldn't eat again until next july. 

i had a fabulous time, & i feel so lucky to be able to take part in a book club with such interesting, fun, & creative girls!

and if you haven't become acquainted with the pioneer woman just yet, head on over & discover her interesting, funny, witty, well-written world... and not to mention, read her book. i don't think you'll be sorry.

i sure wasn't.

bonus! lindsey let me steal one of her photos to share:

a very special candid shot of katie & myself. if only i could remember what we're reacting to here, i'd share.

(photos, in order of appearance: iphone, point & shoot, lindsey's fancy cam)


Has no one told you The Pioneer Woman is a marketing scheme dreamed up by Ree Drummond and her highly-compensated media relations firm? The Drummonds are one of the largest landowners in the U.S. When Ree got sad and bored one day, Ladd bought her a big ol' honking camera to stave off post-partum depression. He then built her an auxiliary kitchen and went to town selling her cooking show idea. The rest is the biggest hoax in internet history. You seem like a smart person--surely you can see through this.
Jenna said…
Oohh! I want to read this!! And I want to be apart of your book club. The food and friends sound amazing :)
Love the cookbook, haven't read the book yet, but I've heard it is good! And even if she is rich and bored, she still take beautiful pictures, makes easy and delicious recipes and has a great sense of humor!
Natalie said…
I love her! And love, love her recipes, everything I've tried from her has turned out amazing. What a fun book to read for book club!
Fash Boulevard said…
love this. so fun. so happy I came across your blog. totally following. I'd love if you'd check out my style and fashion blog and see if you'd like to follow. I'd love to hear what you think of my JewelMint photo shoot. thanks love. xo
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