jenny's engaged!

one of my closest & dearest friends, jenny, is engaged!

her beau, david, popped the question this weekend, just as all the fun carnival activities were beginning to unfold for them down in new orleans.
natives of south louisiana, they get to take part in such a glorious spread of festivities surrounding the mardi gras madness - i always get jealous
as i'm flipping through her facebook photos around this time each year.

take all of that excitement & multiply it by about one million, because
this year, she gets to attend all the fetes as a newly-engaged woman.
i know she is postiviely over the moon with happiness. 

jenny & i met at louisiana tech university, 
the same year that my fiance, justin, & i met.

jenny has truly been there through it all - we went through sorority rush together. we lived together in a tiny dorm room with our roomate, carrie, freshman year. we braved the gym at all hours of the day, only to be found at the donut shop near campus when it opened at 4 a.m. we have taken numerous roadtrips together, one of them for mardi gras our senior year of college. we were both rush girls at the same fraternity house. we attended countless semi-formals, formals, & college-campus events together. we even lived together a second time, with our roomate anna claire, senior year of college. jenny will stand with me on my upcoming wedding day, as one of my bridesmaids. 

and although we now live 271 miles away from each other, she is a friend that i speak to daily, via heytell, twitter, text messaging, & a sprinkled-in phone call here & there. she is truly one of my best friends, & i couldn't be happier for her. the fact that we get to be engaged at the same time is truly a blessing - she will be there for me as i stress about wedding planning, & i will be there for her.

2012 will be a big year for us!

now, let the wedding planning fun begin!

oh, & if you're in the mood for some extra reading,
head on over to the beginning of everything to find out
what was in my carry-on for my trek to & from kinston.
it's fun, because who doesn't love to see what other people pack?

photo one: graduation day, taken with point & shoot
photo two: mardi gras 2008, taken with point & shoot
photo three: senior year of college, taken with point & shoot


aww! yay! so happy for the two of you. ;) my brother is getting married this year too. ;D can't wait to see the wedding plans unfold....;) i hope you are having a fabulous day.

April said…
Congrats to your friend!!
Laura said…
How exciting! Gorgeous photos :)
lizdrex~ said…

i didn't know BOTH of y'all were engaged. two beautiful ladies!
belated congratulations, cya
Natalie said…
How fun! Congrats to your friend!
Jenny Moreau said…

I can't believe we get to do this together. It's even more perfect than we planned. Love you and this was a beautiful post! <3

And thank you to all the congrats in the comments! It's such an exciting time!


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