carolina new year: the arrival.

i set out in the wee hours of the morning
on new years eve, a saturday,
bound for raleigh, north carolina.
& as the wheels touched down, i realized -
this place will be my new home.

as i passed through the arrival gate
of the serene, modern - beautiful - RDU,
i was happy to see justin waiting for me
at the airport starbucks.
we chose our lattes - our fraps,
and departed for lunch.

woody's at city market was our
restaurant of choice - burritos & sandwiches.

then, it was finally time to head to kinston -
finally time to see where justin had been
living & working all this time without me.

i was so excited to see what kinston
simply felt like.

and i have to say - i'm happy with what i found.

photos: iphone


Jennifer said…
Yay! I'm glad you liked it. You gotta like where you're gonna live!
Mallorie Owens said…
Such a good feeling to be happy with the feel of the new city you will call home :) I can totally relate right now!
Nav said…
love the photos!

xo Nav
memory said…
just seeing you two together makes me happy.

Amanda said…
That's so amazing you loved it! So much happiness ahead of you :)
Nicole Rene said…
Did you move to Raleigh!? One of my friends here used to go to school there & she loved it! So fun experiencing & adventuring around a new city! I moved to Savannah in August & I still feel like there are things to explore! Congrats on the new move! :)
Nicole said…
Hi! I saw your comment on the Handling with Grace post I did! Kinston is so random!! But since you're so close to me, I'd love to get together!! There's a lot of fun stuff to do around here!! :)

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