starbucks sunday: a vlog.

as i sipped on my tall nonfat caramel macchiato on this lovely starbucks sunday,
i thought it was finally time i tried my hand at vlogging.

as a lover of the beauty gurus on youtube, i have thrown around the idea again & again of making my own videos. however, as i do not yet have the appropriate equipment to properly film makeup tutorials & such, i have opted to film the accent tag today. this tag has been floating around the internet for what feels like an eternity, & i have watched what feels like millions of these uploads, but i thought what the heck...

so, there you have it! i hope you enjoyed my forray into the vlogosphere.


Jennifer said…
I don't know why but I always thought you'd have a thicker accent.
Meagan Shack said…
oh you are so presh.
Very cute video! Thank you for the sweet comment xo
linz marie said…
"The devil's beating his wife with a frying pan!!" = raining when the sun is out. Love the video girl!
I love these! I have yet to do a vlog and I've been blogging for 4 years! I need to try it. I've seen the accent vlogs and they are so fun. It's cool to see how people from different areas pronounce words :)
Grace said…
I did the accent vlog and felt so silly with my thick midwestern accent! You don't really have much of an accent, or at least it didn't seem so to me. :)
Benscoter said…
you are too cute :)
Annie said…
I love accent vlogs! A lot of your answers were similar to mine. I was surprised because I live in Michigan, which is about as far as you can get from Louisiana without going to Hawaii or Alaska.

I can't remember whose vlog I heard this on, but it's called a sun shower! I wish I remembered who said it so I could refer you to their accent video. When I made mine I shrugged it off and said I would just say, "Hey, look, it's raining and the sun is shining!" Then again, I have a talent for stating the obvious. Also, I don't think it ever sun showers in Michigan. The sun and precipitation do not get along well here.
You did SO good! much better than mine- lol! I love your accent. Maybe I'll do this theme next time. I think you should definitely vlog again- love the ending!! haha xo
SadeeStyle said…
nice video i like your blog
Love if you follow me back
♥ SadeeStyle ♥
So cute! Love your first vlog! ;)

when the sun is shining at the same time it's raining, it's said that the "devil is beating his wife" haha weird, I know.

Have a great weekend!

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