starbucks sunday: justin's iphone artwork.

this particular starbucks sunday is lovely, because right after i pulled out of the drive thru & back onto the open road, i called my sister. 

as i sipped my tall nonfat caramel macchiato (the drink of choice lately, it seems), we talked about millsaps life, things we should be doing but don't feel like, & we laughed about things not fit to be posted on the internet (as per usual). 

this particular starbucks sunday is lovely, because after getting off the phone with my sister, i made a little impromtu pop into walgreens to buy some makeup i've had on my mind for quite some time.

this particular starbucks sunday is lovely, because i am about to share with you some of justin's recent iphone art. get ready, ladies & gentlemen.

perhaps in order for any of this to make sense, you will have had to read this particular post. with my discovery of the emojicons for iphone, a new trend has been born: the moomoo symbol... a little cow. 

needless to say, justin is nothing short of an iphone artist. the barn one has a special place in my heart, because it was the very first i ever received. i find the sailboat particularly impressive, but the tennis depiction is the obvious favorite. i mean, look at their little rackets. how can you say no?

thank you, justin, for keeping me endlessly entertained with your creativity. 

photos: iphone


Ashley said…
So funny!!! I am loving that Starbucks cup, by the way! So festive and adorable :)
Sam | ashore said…
hah! he has a real talent. It's so important to be with someone who makes you laugh.
Jamie said…
Thats hilarious. He is talented!
Bunnie said…
OMG I love that cup!!

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Is that their current cups?!?!?! I am in love with it :)
meghan said…
fun that you got to buy some makeup that you wanted. I love buying makeup! And the phone art is so cute. I still don't know how to do those emoticons, but I haven't looked into it. I think they're fun, though!
That is the cutest/sweetest thing ever! How in the world did he figure out how to do that??? So cool!

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