carolina new year: new year. new bern.

after i arrived in raleigh a little before noon on new year's eve & we made the trek over to kinston, we relaxed for a while before getting ready for a dinner in the neighboring town of new bern.

to get to new bern from kinston, you drive east for about 28 minutes (give or take), then you are on the water. there are boats everywhere, & even though it was cold on that new year's even night, i insisted we walk by the docks & take in the sights. i love being on the water. 

we ate at persimmons waterfront restaurant. it was cozy & delicious (and i thought i saw robert deniro, my favorite). i can't wait to go back!
when midnight actually rolled in, we celebrated by watching the ball drop on tv as we lounged on the couch together, eating donuts & drinking chocolate milk - who said we don't know how to have fun?

photos: iphone


whitney said…
this little place sounds amazing.

and eatting donuts and milk for new years...jealous.
melanie said…
your blog is adorabllllleee. so happy i found it :)
Nicole said…
I love love LOVE New Bern! Your next adventure should be The Chelsea. SO yummy!
memory said…
I'm all about water and boats. This night sounds nothing short of perfect. <3
Summer-Raye said…
looks like you had fuuuun.

follow each other?
eating donuts on new years eve??

my kind of party!!!

the hub doesn't eat them (can you BELIEVE that??), so i'd have to eat them alone.

not as fun.

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