starbucks sunday: shreveport bound.

today, i am headed home from kinston, to shreveport. hopefully i will find some starbucks along the way. you'll be mildly horrified (as i was) to discover that the towns i have been frequenting this week do not share my love of this particular coffee company. my week-long visit was a roller coaster ride of emotions, opportunities, & the like. i am tired, but happy. i love our new little town, & i look forward to living there. now is the time to soak up all the shreveport i possibly can before the big move. there is much to do!


speaking of much to do, i plan to write a wedding planning update this week, which i'm really excited about. i think getting all my tasks & triumphs 'on paper' will really enlighten me. this week will also see the beginning of the documentation of my carolina new year. i have lots of pretty pictures to share... many all of them taken with instagram. i am a slight instagram addict.

photo: jacksonville, north carolina, taken with iphone


No Starbucks?! Sad! I hope you find one! Am excited to hear about your wedding planning update!
oh my word! no starbucks?! who would have thought?... i hope you had a great trip! ;)

Natalie said…
Aah good luck finding a Starbucks! Can't wait to see your New Year's Instagrams!
Leah said…
How distressing! I was on a choir tour once and we made it our mission to stop at pretty much every Starbucks we could find. A road trip without Starbucks coffee is just plain miserable!
Breanna said…
Hope that there was a starbucks to be found :)
Ivana said…
Good luck with your big move! Can´t wait to hear more!

xx Ivana

Stop by sometimes :)
Macarons and Pearls
Kate said…
Hi, I'm your 100th follower! I think that's a sign or something. I just popped over from your guest post on Amanda's blog. Your blog is so cute- can't wait to keep reading!

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