this is it.

It's a tough thing, writers' block.
It's a tough thing, bloggers' block.

I always swear to myself, up and down, that no matter what, I'll just continue to write. No matter what, I'll just continue to blog. Because writing - because blogging - is allowed to be a fluid representation of you, in whatever form it may come out. It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't even have to make sense. It just has to come from a voice that is uniquely you - uniquely yours. 

I don't know what happens to stifle my voice. But, it's always a creeping thing. Slowly, less lines of paper taken up with my thoughts. Slowly, fewer lines of text in a blog post. But then, it feels sudden. Suddenly, no journal entries. Suddenly, no blog posts. 

It's all a delicate flow, really. It's a fragile push and pull, a give and take, writing. It whirs along at the speed of light, and then, the tiniest distraction or divergence can throw it off kilter, and then, well, it's completely out of sorts. 

But then, I remember. This is writing. This is living. This is it. And the pen flows.



siddathornton said…
Needed this inspiration today. Thank you <3
siddathornton said…
For me what starts it is not want I want to write/blog but what I think I should.
siddathornton said…
Felt the same way so many times before. But then I soon realized that I shouldn't be forcing myself to write if I'm not inspired. Because then, the final output would just be terrible and I end up hating it. I hope you discover the things that will drive you to write like crazy. Because writing is too pleasurable an act to lose over something as silly as any distraction. :)

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