Celebrating Nanny: her love of flowers.

Nanny loved plants & flowers. She prided herself on the floral arrangements around her house & in her yards. I still remember, as a little girl, I'd be sitting at the kitchen table with a near-panoramic view of the back yard, & I would ask, "Nanny, what kind of flower is that?" And then, she would tell me the name of the flower, & then, all about it. And even though we never really discussed it [from what I can remember], I bet she loved springtime. Her birthday was in springtime, yes, but mainly, all of her plants & flowers sprung back into life in the springtime. All of her hard work, blossoming back up, talismans bearing hope and pride and joy.

I love this memory of Nanny, because I can see in myself, today, a growing interest in and love of flowers. I've been noticing it a lot recently. "I can't wait until the crepe myrtles in front of the walkway to our apartment come into bloom," I'll think to myself. And then, I remember Nanny. Because it's something I think that she would think to herself, too. And those glimpses of Nanny, those tiny remembrances, are something I am so happy to have. It's something that I think will make me feel closer to her throughout the years. I think it's a fun thing for the two of us to share, even now.

I have even more photos of Nanny's flowers, which I plan to share sporadically in this space in the time to come. They are joyful, and they are vibrant, just how I want to remember Nanny.

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[Photos: Nanny's Plants & Flowers | Fowler Archives]

I'm writing snippets of memories of my grandmother all during April, her birthday month.


siddathornton said…
I love the picture of the room with all of the greenery. It's so cool that her birthday was when spring when she was able to see all of her plants start to grow again. What a great birthday present to herself every year!

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