Celebrating Nanny: turnip greens & meatloaf.

When I was little, my grandparents would often take care of me [and my sister, too, after she was born] when my parents were both at work. This meant a multitude of home-cooked lunches [which my country-raised grandparents would call "dinner"] that Nanny would - effortlessly, it seemed - whip up in the kitchen. 

I loved everything she made, but two items really do stand out the most. She cooked up one delicious meatloaf, folks. And I largely credit that meatloaf to my continuing love of a food to which some turn up their noses. And then, there were the turnip greens. Yes, as a young child, I asked for these delectable greens to be added to my plate, sometimes even going back for seconds.

So today, I celebrate Nanny's unmatched skill in the kitchen - between measuring everything in pinches & dashes, to making everything from scratch, to teaching me the joy of "cleaning my plate" - she instilled in me a love of food - even the so-called weird stuff - that I still hold dear & close to me, to this day.

Thank you, Nanny.

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[Photo: Nanny in the Kitchen | Fowler Archives]

*I'm writing snippets of memories of my grandmother all during April, her birthday month.


siddathornton said…
Since English is my husbands second language sometimes he switched words and has recently started calling lunch dinner and confusing me but perhaps he is just being country!
siddathornton said…
I have to admit that I'm one of those who doesn't like meatloaf, but I've heard there are some good recipes out there. It sounds like your grandmother's is one of them! :)

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