carolina summer, day one: the beginning.

as with many trips, this one began on an airplane.

thursday of the first week of august, i jetted out of shreveport, bound for charlotte, north carolina. it was there that i would - after two months - be reunited with justin, my boyfriend of six years. these last two months had been the longest we had ever gone without seeing each other, even counting the time in these last six years that we have been separated.

and after many, many minutes of holding my breath & saying prayers, a look of panic spreading across my worried face every time the planes made an unfamiliar sound, i was finally on solid ground again.

as i made my way toward the baggage claim, i knew that this was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. justin's preceptorship was coming to a close, we were once again - finally - in the same location, & an east coast vacation of mountain climbing, fresh, new restaurants, & exciting adventures, was about to begin.

that first day brought rain storms (which we had to drive through to arrive in greenville, south carolina), firehouse subs, a trip to the local movie theater to see crazy stupid love, & a lunchables (yes, lunchables) apartment floor picnic.

and it was in those first moments that i made a promise to myself. a promise that i would savor every single moment of this carolina summer. and i like to think that i did.

(photo: my beloved iphone)


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