carolina summer, day six: the drive home.

on tuesday morning, justin was back to the clinic for further interviews. i ever-so-grudingly rolled out of bed at this early hour (i'm not much of a morning person, to say the least) & dropped him off. as i headed back to the hotel, i decided a nice little trip to starbucks was in order, & then i curled up with the book i was currently reading, heart of the matter, for the better part of the morning.

i planned to do a bit of shopping & get to know columbus better, but before i knew it, the phone was ringing, & it was time to pick justin up. before we got on the road home though, we stopped in to cracker barrel where i could get another nice helping of (what else?) chicken strips.

the drive home consisted of alabama backroads, stormy weather, & of course, more junk food. when we finally arrived at the junction for i-20, i'm not gonna lie, i was pretty ecstatic. not only did this mean we were that much closer to home sweet shreveport, but we also could refrain from vigilantly checking our gps for where the next turn-off was going to be.

as it turns out, we had to go through an entire three states to get home. but, the juncture of the trip that was the true turning point, happened when we finally reached the mississippi state line. because then, it was jackson, vicksburg, monroe, ruston, &... shreveport (a trip i've made quite a few times, & its familiarity seemed to make it seem easier & caused it to fly by).

and, naturally, as we passed through the quaint town of ruston, louisiana, i was compelled  to photograph some semblance of a skyline.  this was the best i could come up with, & just looking at it makes me wistful for the days of volleyball, rabbs, & waffle house (and let's not forget, wilmart).

as we continued on toward shreveport, we talked of the future, played 'hanging with friends' while sitting right next to each other, & wished for home as the road stretched ahead, feeling endless in that last hour of travel.

and then, as if by roadtrip magic, we arrived home. as we jumped out of the tahoe, abilene & mollie jean (the puppies) raced each other to greet us, and mom was there to see us in as well.

as i walked into the living room, where dad, kara, & ellen were already sitting & talking, i felt happy to be home. and pizza was fresh out of the oven, calling our names.

we sat for an hour at least, recounting our lovely, much-too-quick vacation, while showing off pictures of the beautiful mountains & waterfalls we had seen.

there was laughter. there was pizza. there was family & friends. what more do you need, really?

as if the simple act of returning to a welcoming home wasn't enough, my sister surprised me with an early birthday present 'from across the pond.' she knows of my obsession with all things british, as well as my love affair with beauty products. put all of that together - et voila! - i was holding in my hands my very own ciate' paint pots nail enamel (in cocktail dress). there may have also been an 'awkward family photos' birthday card involved, as well. thank you, kara!

(photos: my sweet iphone)


Leah said…
Ha we are so alike! Getting a Starbuck fix while getting lost in a good book! I love Cracker Barrel too! I always eat way too much. I love your pictures. Looks like a great holiday!

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