projects for the next few months.

after an exciting visit to the dallas museum of art, i walked away with three 'art project ideas.' these ideas were actually decided upon frantically, as i paced the hallways of the freezing dma, excited about the seemingly limitless collection of art lining the walls. i kept telling kara, ok, so i have to create a work of art like that, or ok, i'm going to learn how to make a painting glow.

thus, this little list was mentally jotted down:

1. pointillism painting/drawing.
2. glowing painting.
3. pollock painting.
4. create my own font.

the fourth item on this list came to be after a conversation i had with jessica about creative outlets. we think it would be of utmost creative brilliance & productivity to create our own fonts. i'll keep you updated on this, though, because i've been told it's a tedious - albeit rewarding - process.

it's so exciting to have a list of ready-made artistic endeavors, for raining days or instances when the creative juices are flowing. i cannot wait to begin, and i also cannot wait for my next trip to the dma, where i'm sure i'll once again be inspired, and once again walk away with a new list of projects.

(photo: my dear iphone)


Halina said…
Lovely list! Glad to hear people becoming so inspired. Making my own font is also on my list. Good luck on your creative journey :) Greetings from Norway
Kelsey said…
Can I ask - what is pointillism painting/drawing?

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