around the internet lately.

lately, i've found myself in a weird kind of limbo: wanting to find a job, but being unable to. wanting to blog extremely consistently, but finding a dearth of inspiration and/or drive. wanting to work toward a spotless home, but finding it mind-numbing. wanting to push on with my career, but lacking proper goals.

i have, however, had no trouble navigating around the internet, finding what i consider quality reading material, which is exactly what i intend on sharing with you on this gloomy, dreary wilmington day.

- an interesting analysis of society's liking craze from the man repeller
- anything & everything from meg & and her opposite-of-fussy blog header
- this blogging philosophy from champagne bubbles
 - simplistic running inspiration from a lost feather
- a new & inspiring chapter opens for one of my favorite beauty gurus
- an open-hearted confession from his little lady

lately i feel myself standing on the edge of a new beginning; change coming - inevitable, good, refreshing. i feel my job coming, ready to greet me at exactly the right moment. i feel my blog re-forming, taking a new shape, while i work to re-design it. i feel my life shifting; i feel myself finding purpose. and while this feeling has given way to a dry spell of instant-gratification-inspiration, i'm willing to be patient. because i know it's on its way.

photo: adventure in downtown wilmington \ instagram


Ashley said…
Thanks for sharing these wonderful links Lauren! I've got to admit, I've had many of the same feelings that "Champagne Bubbles" has about blogging... it was refreshing to hear that others have had the same thoughts. Keep patient... good things will come! (:
I was in your shoes this time a couple years ago (looking for a job) so I know how un-fun that is... I think you have the right attitude though... patience is key!

You could also look at it this way... once you start working you will probably only get a couple days off for Christmas so enjoy the free time while you have it! haha

Good luck with the job search!
These are fabulous picks - love a good round up on internet gems - there's always something fabulous to discover!


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