the sunday currently, volume 13.

phew! call me an old lady, but i am completely tuckered out after our mike's farm adventure yesterday. we enjoyed a hay ride, a delicious home-style dinner, & lots of laughs, with a LOT of waiting [& shivering] in between. i must say, it is a lot colder up toward jacksonville than it is here in wilmington. 

today will be spent cleaning & prepping our apartment for our christmas guests, who will begin the trek east from shreveport this friday. i can't wait to see them!

reading les liasons dangereuses, but it has taken a bit of a back seat so that i can re-read the hobbit. i'm really excited about seeing the movie soon.
writing in ink-and-paper capacities lately. i think i'm going to do a one-sentence-per-day journal in 2013.
listening to a pot of coffee brew. i love my keurig just as much as the next coffee addict aficionado, but there really is no match to the sound & smell of a good old-fashioned pot brewing. also, listening to justin joke around. he's so much more of a morning person than i am.
thinking about christmas lists & all the things i have to do & buy this week. i'm a little bit excited about it. no matter how much i tell myself i'm going to christmas shop way in advance, i think i kind of get a thrill out of the last minute rush to get everything together.
smelling... see 'listening.' i smell delicious, just-brewed coffee of the dunkin donuts french vanilla variety.
wishing i was a get-up-at-6-a.m. person. i whine about this so much - hopefully soon i'll actually do something about it [like, you know, wake up at 6 a.m.].
hoping the world will soon turn into a better & more loving place. that's my simple & naive notion.
wearing my extra large t-shirt, which i actually haven't worn in a while. it's one of my favorite things to wear to sleep in. i'm also wearing my navy blue polo pajama pants [i definitely stole them from justin]. i'm also wearing my poor little house shoes, which are totally thin & need to be replaced. i wear them constantly when i'm at home.
loving our christmas tree. sometimes i turn on its lights as soon as i get out of bed. and i think fraser firs are my favorite.
wanting my family to arrive safe & sound this weekend - i can't wait!
needing to respond to some great emails i've gotten recently. i'm sorry it's taking me so long. 
feeling better as i sip on my cup of coffee. 
clicking a lot of makeup-and-beauty-related items lately, such as the hair & beauty pinterest board. also, the beauty broadcast blog - i'm so excited that emily is now blogging & making youtube videos full-time - it means more stuff to read & watch!

photo: 2012 festival of lights \ justin's iphone


I have a "hoping..." on mine today, too :/
Allyssa said…
I'm thinking about doing a sentence a day journal for 2013 too. I think it would be cool to keep up with it for years and be able to look back at years past.
Ash said…
i seriously love your LOVE for coffee,I think I mention the word in every post!
A sentence day in 2013 sounds awesome,I could never stick to just one!

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