friday's fancies #51: the more the merrier.

ok, i know... it's a little much. but when {av} announced this week's friday's fancies theme, SPARKLE, i knew i wanted to go all-out. i'm the kind of person who often goes back & forth between loving simple, preppy looks & glitzy, girly, glamorous looks. any guesses as to where my fashion compass is pointing these days?

friday's fancies #51: the more the merrier.

i think in the case of sparkle, you can get away with piling it on from time to time, though i do enjoy an outfit where one sparkly piece steals the show. this is obviously not one of those looks, but i think it works. i'd gladly don this luxe layered look to a holiday soiree - preferably of the egg nog, dancing, & christmas cookies variety!

i'm sure many will relate when i say that this weekend, justin & i will be tackling some christmas shopping. i've been brainstorming a lot, & i hope my ideas will take shape as we shop. we have also planned a little outing with a friend - we'll be taking a short road trip north to experience mike's farm. i'm told there is hay-riding & delicious food, & i can't wait! 

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Ashley said…
I'm guessing you're leaning more towards the glitzy and glamorous side... ;)

I love all of your sparkly things. That necklace is gorgeous!

Hope you have a successful weekend of shopping and hay-riding. Happy Friday.
Lauren said…
those shoes...i die
Suzanne S. said…
I love that dress:) It's so classic!
angie said…
Ooo I love a bit of sparkle, gorgeous out here! Loving the jacket!
Nicole said…
holy sparkle! You are sure to make an impression with that outfit!
jeands said…
oh, those shoes!!! perfect for this holiday season.
Mree said…
Those shoes are amazing!! Love the outfit!! Good luck shopping this weekend!!
Blue Dog Belle said…
Wow. What a combo! Love the jacket. Love the dress. Love it all (lets be honest)!

xo, Emily
Ohhh love the dress! And I almost bought some earrings just like that... super cute!
Jordan Skiles said…
That dress is DIVINE! Great picks, dear!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend with lots of shopping!!

xx, Jordan

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