make something.

so often, i find myself in a state of limbo.
wanting to do something,
thinking of doing something,
dreaming of doing something.
but, almost just as often, i stop myself.
worrying about the tiniest of details.
worrying that what i create,
what i write,
what i try...
won't be perfect.
so, then what happens?
nothing is created.
nothing is written.
nothing is tried.
and, i find: 
that state of limbo is worse
than failure.
so, this is a project i challenge myself with:
without fear.


memory said…
Me too girl, me too. It's a struggle.

Hannah said…
I am so afraid of making mistakes, but if I don't take a chance I won't ever suceed at anything either!

Lovely post.

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Morgan Stone said…
Love this. I can completely relate, so it's great to see this today. Thank you for the inspriation :)
Nicole Rene said…
I hear ya. I do the same thing. Sometimes you need to just stop thinking and start doing.
Jenna said…
I agree whole-heartedly with this!!! I've learned that once I put aside my fear of failure, I've been able to accomplish so many amazing things!

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