starbucks sunday: easter currents.

on this easter sunday, justin & i saw our visitors - his mom & sister - off, as they are heading back to shreveport today. 

then, we hopped in the car & drove down to new bern for brunch at baker's kitchen, which i've read numerous rave reviews about. while we didn't get to sample their main event item - the french toast - we were equally pleased with our pancakes, eggs over easy, &, in justin's case, a giant belgian waffle. we sipped coffee, discussed life, & just generally enjoyed each other's company. it was quite a perfect easter brunch! 

both before & afterwards, we explored downtown new bern, which is a gorgeous, serene, water-surrounded little town. the church steeples rise high into the sky as the weeping willows fall down onto the brick sidewalks. it's a perfectly peaceful place, one i'd like to return to soon. we also saw some little corgi puppies for sale in the window of one of the shops. i wish we could have played with them, but it was off-limits. they were precious. 

tonight we plan to relax, catch up on our shows, & see titanic on the big screen. a little secret about me is that i've never seen titanic in theaters. seeing it will be a dream come true for this titanic-obsessed girl.

long story short: no starbucks coffee was had today. but warm, fresh coffee poured straight into the mug before my very eyes is a very, very close second.


reading nothing. and i'm very sad about that. books breathe such a fresh air into my life. they are something i like to have around, constantly. i need something new to get into. well, actually i would like to read the white castle of louisiana, but i have not a clue where i've misplaced it. i am pretty sure it's sitting in a storage unit, 1100 miles away from me. i may order a new one off the internet. and then, i do believe i'll re-read the entire harry potter series. gives me a reason to finally fulfill my lifelong dream of a hardback harry potter collection. <--- nerd alert.

writing many, many blog posts tomorrow. getting caught up in a big way, so that i can work on making this blog the very best it can be. sometimes i get so discouraged, because i lose time to work on my writing, on the skills i feel best about. but tomorrow will be a catch-up day... a day to listen to music, read, & soak up every second of free time i have. 

listening to the soothing voices that announce the masters. golf, while not the most thrilling of sports to view on television, is no doubt one of the most comforting. and justin's commentary is truly priceless.

thinking about my career, & the ever-changing nature of it. and thinking about making a decision very soon, & never looking back. thinking that this time, it has to be for real. no more second-guessing.

smelling marc jacobs' lola. my current favorite perfume. so glad i got it for christmas from my parents. it's sweet & soothing.

wishing for things to work themselves out. with a little help from me, of course. i know effort must be exerted in order to see results. i just wish the path were a bit clearer.

hoping i don't cry a river when we see titanic tonight. but i know i will.

wearing a pink shirt in honor of easter. also, jeans & an old favorite hoodie. if we were outside currently, i'd wear my brand new neon shades, that i am slightly obsessed with. it's love.

loving text messages from family, saying easter isn't the same without me.

wanting chinese food.

needing to research careers, look for jobs, & live in the moment, all at the same time.

feeling good about all of my recent workouts. nothing compares to the post-workout feeling. now to get all that diet stuff in check this week. i'm doing a lot better.

photos: iphone; taken in new bern, north carolina


Elle Sees said…
I wish things would work out for me in the romantic department. Totally frustrated at the moment, argh.
Jane said…
Oh my goodness, I can't WAIT to see Titanic in the theater! My sister and I are going this weekend. How was it??

Nicole Rene said…
oh man you are going to love Titanic! It's so fabulous on the big screen!!!! haha! And ah I can't go for more than a few days without a book to read before bed. Currently reading the Hunger Games and obsessed. And don't get too stressed out with things working out... one of my favorite quotes is "happiness is in the journey".

Anyway, I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award! Come over to my blog to check it out! And congrats!! :)
Jenna said…
I thought I was the only one who found golf commentators to be comforting! Lol My dad and brothers are VERY into golf (especially the Masters) so whenever I see a tournament on TV, it always reminds me of my family and has a calming effect :)

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