friday's fancies #58: layer up + charleston bound.

i'll admit - this isn't the look that popped into my head when brainstorming my lovely layers friday's fancies look. at first, i had my heart set on sweaters, leg warmers, tights, & boots. but as i experimented with this look & that, i realized what i was really craving was a more polished, office-appropriate look. maybe it's the job hunter in me, but this is what i came up with this week...
friday's fancies #58: layer up.
necklace | top | lotion | tights | skirt | earrings | coat | belt | shoes | lip gloss | mascara

this weekend, justin & i are headed south to charleston, south carolina, for a little valentine's day trip. there are a lot of attractions i want to check out, including charleston waterfront park, aiken-rhett house, & the cathedral of saint john the baptist, just to name a few. i've heard charleston called the new orleans of the east coast, & since we hail from the pelican state, i'm eager to check it out [and, of course, to take some photos to share here].

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birdie to be said…
Great outfit! I love that pink shirt & mint necklace!
Mree said…
Great outfit!! Love it!!
Have a wonderful weekend in Charleston. I have always wanted to go there! Looking forward to seeing your pictures, I'm sure they will be amazing!!
Allyssa said…
Gorgeous! I love the pink paired with the mint. So pretty.
Ashley said…
I love your layered look, but I'm really loving all of the great accessories and makeup you chose. Those Versace earrings... yes please. :)

Have a wonderful weekend in Charleston! I can't wait to see pictures from your trip.
You have the loveliest style! That whole outfit is darling!

Have a great weekend!
Love the outfit! Very pretty! Have a fab V-day trip!!

World According to Shia
This is adorable! I love that coat :)

Have fun on your trip!!
so anthro said…
Cute cute cute! I'm always in need of ways to layer at work while still looking polished and professional (aka not relying on so many sweaters and ratty scarves like I tend to!). Definitely stealing some inspiration from this, love it! Have a blast on your trip!
Rachel said…
I am loving the soft pink with the pop of mint green! It's sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! Have a wonderful time!

i'm loving this! especially that coat, it's so perfect!
Shon said…
Ooh, have fun and I hope the weather cooperates for you. I love this look, really chic.

You should get some great shots of downtown!

Brooke said…
I love those shoes!!!


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