what kind of person do i want to become?

yesterday, i sat down with a pad of paper & a pen & wrote the words,  
'what kind of person do i want to become?' at the top of the page. 
being a person who is conflicted about their career, 
obviously it would follow that i am also unsure 
about exactly the kind of person i'd like to grow into. 
in response to my self-imposed question, 
i came up with some answers. here they are...

someone who is quick-witted.

someone who is in great physical shape. 

someone is a great blogger - who can inspire people through sharing ordinary life & pretty photos.

someone with a successful career.

someone who is a morning person.

someone who cooks dinner. 

someone who reads every day. 

someone who is healthy, but knows how & when to indulge.

someone with good fashion sense, who always looks put-together.

someone who is crafty & creative.

someone who is a great listener, who has a great relationship with family & friends.

some of these goals have obvious fixes, but others are not so clean-cut. 
i'm not sure where some of these goals are going to take me, 
but i know they'll serve as a excellent jumping-off point - a great inspiration.


Ashley said…
I know that you inspire me with your thoughts and goals. I really need to put pen on paper and make my own list of goals. The great thing is, these goals can always morph and change. You're right, putting them out there is a great start.
Amanda said…
I love your lists. I was recently inspired by the Happiness Project books to make some similar lists.
Kristin Saling said…
I think this is a great idea, and a great way to start shaping your goals! For the things that aren't clearly defined, you can start maybe by listing characteristics of those things you want to become, and looking at those as steps toward the larger more ambiguous goal!
Manda said…
Good for you!
All of these things are attainable- and are on my mental list too!

Thanks for sharing :)

Manda at Eat Cake
Rachel said…
This is a really good idea! Sometimes it is easy to loose who we want to become in life. With all the business and distractions of the world pulling us in so many directions.

Thank you for sharing! Good luck girl you'll achieve them!

Rachel ~ Topaz n Pearls
Maggie Donnelly said…
Wow, this is a great list!! I think that if I were to make a list, I would definitely want several of these things to be on there. It's not too overwhelming, but very, very inspirational. Ahhh how I wish I was always put-together. Maybe one day! I keep thinking to myself...if only I would get up earlier...couldn't I just have the energy to work out ridiculously early every morning? Then come home and get myself put-together! These all sound attainable to me, some might just take a little more work than others. Thanks a bunch for sharing!!!

~Maggie (Sweet peas and lucky honey)
Great list! I would say I'm with you on being a better morning person - I hate getting up for work. It's so hard ... I can't even imagine how women with children do it! Also if I could ever be a morning person I'd also love to be one that could fit in a morning workout!

World According to Shia
Tina Byland said…
Quick witted. My husband is quick witted. It makes me so envious!

I think you are on the right track, my friend. I love all of these and my list looks very, very similar. :)
Tina Byland said…
Quick witted. My husband is quick witted. It makes me so envious!

I think you are on the right track, my friend. I love all of these and my list looks very, very similar. :)
this is such a good idea! writing things down always helps me find clarity - maybe I'll try this, too :)
Sarah said…
I really like your list! I also find it helpful to write things out to help me think more clearly. Thinking about who I want to be helps me identify my goals and values, and then the next step is thinking of how I can go about achieving them. Good luck with your list! I think you're already some of those things. :)

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