the sunday currently, volume 19.

reading little women, by louisa may alcott. and instead of reading from my nook, i'm reading a real-life book, one that my parents gave me for christmas in 1997. i love it.
writing a lot of different things, really. things i can't wait to share here in this space, & things i am hoping will make an impact. also, huge, huge lists, especially for this blog. i have been brainstorming a lot of posts, & there are a few in particular that i am especially excited about - those are coming in february.
listening to the blast of the heater. it has been ridiculously cold here, cold enough to make me realize i could never live anywhere colder. hello, this is the louisiana in me speaking.
thinking that the show nip/tuck is pretty much insane. justin & i have been watching it lately, & we're almost finished with season two. i like it, & i crave watching it, but when we are watching it, we end up looking at each other like, did that really just happen?
smelling a fresh pot of caramel drizzle coffee. there is nothing quite like that, is there?
wishing for the most productive of weeks. trust me, people, i need a good week.
hoping i can attend alt summit next year. i've been wanting to go since jess of irocksowhat went [if i'm not mistaken, i believe that was in 2011]. i really want to go to the one in new york. anyone else?
wearing a green sweat band to hold my obscenely-long hair out of my face. a parker college of chiropractic sweatshirt that justin got for me on his trip to tour the campus, back in our senior year of college. and black workout pants. as usual, i'm a vision.
loving the tasks that have been set before me... & it's not often that i feel that way about them. i just feel like i have a lot of goals & projects set up for myself that i'm actually excited about. that is a really good feeling. also loving? my faithful sunday currently troupe. i truly love reading all of your currentlies [i wait until monday so i can read them all at once]. thank you all so much for linking up - it makes me happy!
wanting atlanta bread for lunch... again. i have a problem. also wanting? to go on more adventures during the week.
needing to wash my makeup brushes... REALLY badly. that is something i always let go. it really does make a difference though, especially concerning the state of your skin. getting on that later today.
feeling quite under the weather on this fine sunday morning. i've just felt gross this weekend. my body has just been aching - & i think it has a lot to do with the cold, wet weather.
clicking this post from laura of little things & curiosities. her blog has long been a favorite of mine, & this post is an excellent example of why i keep coming back for more.

photo: my mornings as of late \ instagram


Tina Byland said…
aww yay! I love our Sunday Currently troupe, too! I will have mine up after I shower. Because right now I am in a sports bra and underwear... hey- if I am working out at home, why do I need to get dressed? Haha!

Feel better. Snuggle up and read some Little Women. :)

Oh, I love Laura, too, btw. Her blog is fantastic!
Melissa said…
I'm crazy obsessed with going to Alt Summit! Hopefully I can make it :) x
Sarah said…
Caramel drizzle coffee? Little Women? Yes, please! I'm excited to find out what these upcoming projects are that you have planned! It's so great to have bursts of creativity and inspiration. :)
Sarah said…
Caramel drizzle coffee? Little Women? Yes, please! I'm excited to find out what these upcoming projects are that you have planned! It's so great to have bursts of creativity and inspiration. :)
DJ said…
I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to hear about what you have coming up!

Can I just tell you how much I love reading these posts? I keep trying to link up, but my trying to answer these questions always sounds dumb to me. Somehow you have the right writing cadence (or something) to make it work!

I would looove to go to Alt - but I would feel completely out of place.
Ashley said…
How have I never heard of caramel drizzle coffee? Those are two of my favorite things!

It's funny how people get used to the climate they came from, because I still cannot imagine living through Florida summers for the rest of my life. Give me snow!

Happy Sunday to you! Stay warm and feel better.
Kate Harvey said…
I've never read Little Women, which is terrible! I really should put that on my list! I hope you have a relaxing day reading, and that you feel better soon.

I love this link-up too, so thanks for hosting each week :)
I'll go with you to alt summit next year.
Mree said…
Carmel dizzle coffee? I have never heard of it and now want it!! Sounds fab! Hope you feel better soon.
YES girl I bought my bf's V-day gifts. He is away at school so the thought of mailing them & him receiving them makes it all the more exciting! Plus I'm often ahead of the game when it comes to gift-giving because I like it :) So glad I'm participating in your Sunday Currentlies :) xo
Maggie Donnelly said…
I just jumped on the Sunday Currentlies ( sorry I'm a day late ) but I just found this yesterday through Tina at "Like Ordinary Life" and love the set-up of this!!!

OOoh Little Women, such a good book! I also love weeks that you look forward to because you know they are going to be productive.

I hope you're feeling better!
Maggie Donnelly said…
P.S. I'm your newest follower =) Happy to be following along!


Sweet Peas and Lucky Honey
Rachel said…
What a great idea! I love projects and goal and the feeling of being productive too!

I'm your newest follower!

Rachel ~ Topaz n Pearls
even when I can't join in, I love catching up on all the Sunday Currently posts!

p.s. Little Women? tears. SOBS. oh man.
LOVE these posts! Even when I can't join in :) Atlanta bread sounds yummy. We have one, but haven't tried it yet. Maybe tomorrow! xoxo, eliza
Rachel said…
Just linked up I can't wait to do this on Sunday!!!
Cute post ... you had me at caramel drizzle!

World According to Shia
Brittany Walsh said…
This is my first time linking up- excited to be here!

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