the sunday currently, volume 18.

we're having a great, delicious-food-filled weekend. yesterday, we started the day out with brunch at the george [which is probably one of our favorite places in wilmington]. i had the belgian waffles with warm berry sauce. and the coffee? starbucks caliber, for sure. 

after an afternoon of beach time & shopping, we had ice cream at cold stone, dinner at fat tony's [barbecue pizza addiction], & finally, a monster creation of amazingness from orange leaf.

today, we are heading back up to the mayfaire for lunch at atlanta bread, then we're myrtle beach bound. i haven't been to south carolina in over a year, so i'm ready! i hope julianne & shannon are enjoying their visit. i think they are! 

reading beautiful creatures, still. i just recently saw the preview for the movie for the first time, & i got really excited. as it played, i turned to justin & said, 'yep, that's what i'm reading right now.' not sure where the feeling of pride came from, but it was definitely there. his positive reaction let me know we'll probably be seeing it in theaters.
writing a book this year, no doubt about it. justin & i have been discussing this a lot recently, & i feel the pull & drive to do it now more than i ever have before.
listening to a lot of churchill lately. also, the black keys. slowly emerging from my listening rut. slowly remembering & feeling the reasons i used to listen to music in the first place [which i love].
thinking that the pull to follow our dreams becomes stronger when we watch the show underemployed. i find it refreshing when a tv show can do something deep like that.
smelling the tall mug of cafe mocha i have sitting right next to me, waiting to be devoured.
wishing that the above-mentioned show - underemployed - had gotten better ratings & a better following. according to justin's research, the jury is still out on whether or not the show will be renewed. i sure do hope that it is.
hoping julianne & shannon are enjoying their time in wilmington! i love having them here.
wearing pajama pants & a sweatshirt... what else is new? also, hair. on top. of head.
loving verdana. yep, as in, the font. it's just so clean & crisp. it's been one of my favorites for quite a while now, but for some reason, i feel the need to proclaim my love. so, there it is.
wanting more than ever to be an early riser. i've written a couple posts about this before, but what i read here on friday really reminded me of what i'm seeking in the desire to rise early. those who know me in real life may be laughing as they read this, considering my undying love of sleeping in as late as possible, but i am serious about wanting this. i'll keep you updated as i [hopefully] progress.
needing a vat of coffee. and lunch at atlanta bread. and a continuous loop of pitch perfect playing in my house. oh right, i already have that. and LOVE it.
feeling sore, sore, sore. i've been working out a lot, but not stretching at all. this is a mistake.
clicking the sunday secrets. favorites? this one + this one.

photo: us at wrightsville beach \ instagram


so on weekends now I have this ritual - I pour myself a big cup of black coffee and I drink it slowly and by the time it's almost finished it's cold so I make hot chocolate and I stir it into the cold coffee and then it's heaven.

thought you'd appreciate that :)
Ashley said…
Oh boy, a food filled weekend sounds great to me! You're making me hungry.

The Black Keys... good choice, I love them. Maybe I'll dig up some of their stuff on my iTunes. :)

I would love to be an early riser too... sunrises are peaceful and renewing. Seeing a sunrise over the Atlantic is on our Florida bucket list. Love it!

Have fun in Myrtle Beach... and take lots of pictures!
Tina Byland said…
I've been working out without stretching, too. Running. And my legs are all like "NO NO NO!"
I woke up early today and it felt really good. I was totally unproductive until 11am but I don't feel as bad about it because I still have the whole day to do everything I need to. :)
Happy Sunday!
LaynahRose said…
Ugh, working out without stretching is the worst! But it feels so nice to stretch when you're sore. I read that if you work out and having a stretching regimen to go along with it, you gain 10% more muscle...who knows if that's true or not
About early rising, if your bedroom is situated in such a way that the rising sun reflects off of the sea and through your window at 6:30 each morning, it is very difficult to sleep in. Just a suggestion from personal experience. :)

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