the sunday currently, volume 16.

well, guys... there's no denying it. i've been a big sick sicky for the past couple of days. i won't bore you with the details of my illness, but suffice it to say that yesterday, after my lunch date, i came home & crashed out on the couch for, well... hours. as the night wore on, i started feeling better [and i don't think our evening full of movie-and-gilmore-girls viewing hurt, either]. so, i think the worst of it is behind me.

my lunch date went really well, & i got to try a new wilmington restaurant - the melting pot. i've never had fondue before, but i'd say i quite enjoyed it. especially the chocolate course.

reading the final few pages of the hobbit. it is SUCH a good book. i'm pretty excited to share my winter wrap-up reading list on here later this week. it includes some old classics, some new series, & some in-betweeners. i used to pride myself on reading lists & the completion of them. i'm so excited to bring them back! 
writing applications, cover letters... yes, that's right: the job search is officially back in full swing. i NEED and WANT a job, guys. hopefully something will come through soon.
listening to justin, telling stories. he wakes up in a good mood all the time. i wish i did, too.
thinking i really want to go on a cruise this year. 
smelling today's cup of coffee: caramel vanilla cream + one stevia in the raw + a dash of cinnamon, all being drunk out of my louvre mug that kara brought me back from paris.
wishing for pretty wilmington weather this week. i want to take my new camera for a stroll downtown.
hoping that i really will feel better all day today, & that i'm not just experiencing an early-morning fluke. i felt very bad yesterday, with this sinus infection/cold that i'm currently experiencing. i took medicine yesterday & the day before, though, so i think i'm on the road to recovery. here's hoping.
wearing my new favorite fleece pullover. on weekends, i rarely take it off - it's so cozy, & it reminds me of christmas-time. yes, i'm one of those people who can't let go of the holidays. i'm also wearing sleep shorts. soon, i'll get up & get dressed for the day. i'm looking forward to lunch!
loving having all our furniture in the apartment - things are starting to come together! but, a lot of cleaning & downsizing still needs to happen, namely today.
wanting something delicious for lunch. we recently frequented this particular restaurant, but i cant' stop thinking about the delicious fish tacos from two guys grille. i crave them often.
needing to take my medicine today. i feel myself coming out of the worst of this illness - no sense in prolonging it. also, really needing a hot shower - that makes me feel better, too. it really helps in clearing the sinuses.
feeling like i miss harry potter, both reading it & watching the movies. it's simply been far too long.
clicking my favorite secret, over & over.

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It seems like everyone is getting sick these days.. hope you're feeling better, though! There's nothing like the smell of fresh coffee and caramel vanilla cream to lift your spirits!
Tina Byland said…
Fondue is so much fun! Though I think melting pot is overpriced.

And I LOVE fish tacos!

I hope you feel better. Everyone seems to be under the weather right now. Sheesh.
yay for the job hunt being back on! WANTING a job is actually a good feeling, don't you think? good luck :)
Allyssa said…
Good luck with the job hunt! And I hope you're feeling better!
Ashley said…
The Melting Pot is such a fun place. We got a gift card for it and are hoping to enjoy some fondue soon. Yum yum.

We've been having fun trying to find favorite new local restaurants too... moving to new places can be fun. ;)

Gah! We were just talking about Harry Potter yesterday and it really made me want to visit the Wizarding World of HP. Maybe one of these days.

Happy Sunday! Hope you feel better soon.
Sarah said…
Mm, that coffee sounds delicious! I may have to try that someday soon...
The Melting Pot is amazing! We went to the one in New Orleans last year and it was SOOO good:)

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