love lists: december.

there's really nothing like the month of december, is there? 
twinkle lights everywhere, christmas tree smell around every corner, 
& that beautiful holiday spirit in the air. 
beyond those lovelies, here are the things i was smitten with 
in the twelfth & final month of two thousand twelve.

1. candles; especially bath & body works white barn no. 2 chestnut & clove. also, the candle kara ended up gifting me - woodwick's pumpkin butter. what's unique about the woodwick candle is... well, the wick. the wooden nature of it causes it to crackle & pop like a real fire when lit. so not only does it smell amazing, but its sounds are soothing. and in searching for the link for the white barn candle, i've noticed it's on sale - $5 for the jumbo 3-wick candle, instead of its usual $20. i'm going to have to scoop some up!

2. my maybooks planner, given to me for christmas by justin. because when your planner is this pretty, you're more apt to use it, right? i was seriously impressed with the quality of my planner - the cover has such an interesting texture. i'll definitely be ordering more from may designs in the future. some notebooks are calling my name.

3. urban decay all-nighter makeup setting spray. i'll just go ahead & tell you - i haven't been very pleased with my makeup lately, & that is the precise reason there's not a lot of it on this favorites list. BUT, after i've applied all of my face products - foundation, powder, bronzer, blush - i spritz this setting spray on my face, & it improves the overall look. maybe my face is dried out due to the winter air? i don't know - i'm just glad i've had this to combat the blah i've been feeling toward my makeup looks.

4. bath & body works warm vanilla sugar fine fragrance mist. is it just me, or does bath & body works change their packaging, like, every other day? i hope they keep this look for a while, because i like it. and remember when this stuff was called body splash back in the day? anyway, i've been loving this scent as of late - especially right after a shower!

5. reading; & my nook, in general. i'm so glad the reading bug finally bit me again. i'm really enjoying beautiful creatures right now, & i can't wait for the movie! also, i'm especially excited about reading little women next. of course, you'll be able to read all my thoughts - & favorite quotes - in my critique cache posts.

6. the hobbit. i know. i won't stop talking about this book. but seriously, it was that good.

7. our keurig. it was used nearly every day in december, especially after my dad introduced me to the caramel vanilla cream k-cups. i've always loved the sound of brewing coffee, & now i also love the unique sound of a keurig brew.

8. lola, by marc jacobs. this is my perfectly sweet winter scent, & i love it.

9. bath & body works paris amour fine fragrance mist. i know, enough with the scents already, right? i love sweet scents in the colder months. and this one, well, i love it. i have a mini, & it lives in my purse. i'm one of those people who sprays scents all day long.

10. youtube beauty guru, allthatglitters21's vlogmas videos on her second channel, ellesglittergossip. i have a youtube addiction that cannot be helped. elle's videos always inspire me. she's so upbeat.

what did you love in the month of december? 
i am always on the lookout for new things to pick up 
& try, both beauty related & otherwise.

also, there will be even more links to some of my current 
favorite beauty gurus in my weekender post tomorrow. 
i hope you'll let me know some of your favorites, too!


I've been wondering about purchasing a Keurig. It really just seems like it makes more sense than the 'hassle" of a coffee pot. Especially since David doesn't drink coffee (gasp - I know). This may just be my tipping point ... oh and now I'm thinking of the benefits of having one in my office at work. By benefits I probably mean addiction.

This post is love enough. xo
Allyssa said…
I've never heard of woodwick candles before! I think I'll need to get my hands on one!
Nicole said…
I love my Keurig! I seriously didn't think I would love it this much! But it's so easy, one step and then I have my coffee SO fast! It's a morning-saver! :)

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