Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a fall spent with lauren weisberger, suzanne collins, ree drummond, & jane austen.

in order of enjoyment.

catching fire, by suzanne collins.

yes, this is the second in the hunger games trilogy, but it was definitely my favorite. as i was riding the wave of excitement felt while reading the first novel, i was catapulted into this one, & was completely taken by surprise by one of the twists. i read this book in 48 hours, & that's only because i had to go to work. otherwise, it would have been finished at warp speed.

the hunger games, by suzanne collins.

i wasn't sure what to expect with this series when i first picked it up in barnes & noble on my lunch break one day. and when i read the back cover, i was a bit deterred. it all seemed a bit... barbaric. but it's so much more than that. once i began reading, i found it hard to stop.

mockingjay, by suzanne collins.

this selection was my least favorite of the trilogy. after the intense excitement & suspense of the first two novels, i was expecting a similar experience. and while it delivered most of the time, there were definite drags in the plotline. i also wasn't crazy about the ending - it felt a bit rushed & left some questions unanswered that i really wanted cleared up. all in all, though, this series was fantastic & so much more than i expected. i highly recommend picking it up.

the pioneer woman: black heels to tractor wheels, by ree drummond.

after much coercion from friends, i finally picked this book up when it was chosen for my book club's october read. i really, really enjoyed this book & found it alarmingly easy to read. i also experienced the i miss them phenomenon, which often happens when i finish a book or movie that i loved. the pioneer woman's blog posts now promptly pop up in my inbox as soon as they go live... & i sigh a happy sigh with each beautifully photoshopped image & long-winded list of hers that i have the pleasure of viewing.

pride & prejudice, by jane austen.

an old familiar favorite. and it just gets better with each new read.

last night at chateau marmont, by lauren weisberger.

a fluffy, summer-ish, beachy read, this book is a quick, light-hearted selection. the characters were likeable, although the story is a bit far-fetched.


now, on to the winter book list

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Michelle (michabella) said...

LOVED Hunger Games...am almost finished with Catching Fire...I dont want it to end so I am reading something else til my sister finishes Mockingjay!

Caitlin C. said...

I just read the Hunger Games trilogy and am now OBSESSED... I felt the same way - I didn't think they were going to be that great from just reading the back cover! Now it's hard to find a book that I enjoy as much as these.

April said...

I just read the Hunger Games trilogy as well. The first one is my favorite, and the third one was definitely my least.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I just finished mockinjay last night.. and started it last night. I could not go to bed until I knew how it ended. My biggest problem with the 3rd book was that Katniss was so strong on her own in the first two and it seemed that everything was coicidential, or they would just have her blackout. Ugh, disappointing. Cant wait for the movie though!

memory said...

i want to read renne drummond's book. i subscribe to her email thingy and love looking over her daily emails she sends out. she's so witty and fun!(:

Jenna @ LaFemmeLaFanciful.com said...

The last book sounds right up my alley! I love books with likable characters and farfetched story lines :) I am planning on reading the second Hunger Games book over break. I'm excited to hear that you enjoyed it so much!

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