love lists: december.

1. dreaming of traveling to north carolina.

2. kara being home from college.

3. finding a wedding planner.

4. changing up my makeup routine.

5. my coffee cup scarf, from diane.

6. getting organized.

7. my new planner, & the anticipation of using it.

8. fitness calendars, & finding healthy weightloss inspiration.

9. johnson's body care melt away stress lavender & chamomile lotion.

10. deciding to quit my bad habits - cold turkey - & be healthy.

photo: iphone


Jenna said…
Oh I love all of these, Lauren! I went and bought marker pens in such fun colors so I can decorate my Kate Spade planner for the year. I LOVE PLANNERS!
whitney said…
best of luck with quitting your bad habits!!

just be positive and you can do it!!
Breanna said…
love the list :)

Goodluck to you!
Laura Trevey said…
Here is to being healthy ~ and sticking with it!!

Thanks for the visit and good luck in the New Year :)


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