when creativity hides.

sometimes i feel there is something i need to write
- to get out into the world -
but it just won't make itself known.

sometimes all i can do is sit back & wait
for the inspiration to strike.

sometimes i feel that i will never be able
to write anything i like, ever again.

sometimes my words feel
contrived - trite - fake - useless - worthless.

and all that keeps me coming back... all that offers up a kind of tiny, quiet motivation - is the knowledge that one day, it will come back. it will make itself known. it will manifest itself through the keys i click on the keyboard, through the swish of my pen & the ink that is bent into meaning. one day. someday.

photo: point & shoot


Jennifer said…
I feel the same way!
Hey I def go through this too...
and I deal with it by going on pinterest, finding inspiration, and usually throwing those pins into a blog post too =)

Hope you find those genuine words soon
hey this right here is just so motivating for me!! please don't ever stop writing because i love reading what you have to say(:
Annie said…
this is beautiful.

i am convinced that for writers, the need to write is embedded in our blood cells, circulating throughout the body, pumping in the heart, functioning as the lifeblood of who we are. sometimes we feel passionate. sometimes we feel listless. but i believe if you cultivate authenticity, you will find and be able to express it no matter how you feel.

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