friday's fancies #15: new years eve.

friday's fancies #15: new years eve.

truth be told, had i been able to find the royal blue dress that i'm wearing for new years eve dinner out with justin, i would have given you a real life outfit post this week. however, as that was certainly not the case, i am posting quite the dream outfit this week, which i absolutely wouldn't mind wearing on my plane rides east. obviously, the leggings were chosen for comfort. and because friday's fancies is all about dreaming big, i thought i'd figuratively shell out over $300 for this diane von furstenberg pair. when i saw this vest, the first word that came to mind was cozy. the second was chic. you do the math. although not included, i would more that likely pair this vest with a gray, long sleeved shirt beneath, since it's a bit chilly. boots are rather requisite in this scenario, but i do indeed love these steve maddens. and the bag. oh, the bag. the bag has been sitting in the my items  section on my polyvore, begging to be pretend-worn. and well, today is its day. this reed krakoff atlantique bag, while maybe not the most practical choice, is - without a doubt - the most indulgently gorgeous one.

happy new year!

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April said…
That bag really is lovely!
Ah that sweater vest is soooooooooo wonderful. It def reads cozy.. and cute (or chic as you put it =P)

Love this outfit

Hope you enjoy your New Year's Eve dinner and have a safe flight home :)
I am Megan said…
I love this outfit, it's sooo country! And I am so happy that I found your blog through the link up, definitely a new follower!
Dree said…
I love this outfit! That sweater paired with leggings and boots is fantastic. And that bag is gorgeous! I love your blog, so glad I found it. Now to catch up...
Julie said…
I'm in love with that vest. I agree, definitely cozy and chic. Seriously gorgeous!! And what's not to love about a bright blue purse? Fantastic.
Hope you have a great NYE and flight!
Cheryl E. said…
I love that chunky sweater and that blue bag is beautiful!

Super cute blog :)

briannelee said…
Gorgeous travel outfit. I would love to wear it too!

Happy New Year!

PS. Check out the jewelry giveaway on my blog :)
Laura said…
Gorgeous look, I love the vest it looks so cosy!

Laura xo
That outfit looks so comfy cozy!
Nikell said…
I LOVE that vest and that bag! You're right that vest is cozy and chic!

Happy New Year,
Val Fox said…
That is definitely the perfect traveling outfit! Happy new year and I hope your trip went well!

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