lists to the rescue.

after an extremely busy & hectic last week, the current week has found me both unproductive & uninspired. and as is to be expected in such a state, i look first to lists. lists fix everything. lists motivate, energize, enlighten. let the hopeful productivity begin!
i'm beginning to think my life is one big list of things i'm supposed to be doing, but don't.

the main issue at hand is turning those lists into productivity.

wish me luck.

photo: iphone


i love your handwriting! very romantic xox
Stephanie said…
I love lists! Lately I've just been adding to mine and not crossing much off though. Oops!
Kelsey said…
I feel your pain there!
Ashley said…
I'm such a list-maker, myself. I love making them, but sometimes I hate actually following through with them! Haha. Good luck, lady! :)
i agree with ally, beautiful writing you have. i enjoy making lists also, sometimes it will take me days (or weeks) to get everything scratched off :P
Annie said…
i love your handwriting! i used to make lists compulsively. i don't know quite how or why i fell out of the habit!
Hollie Ann said…
i am SUCH a list maker as well! nothing like a pen and paper!

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