starbucks sunday: it's christmas week.

the week is finally upon us - christmas! as i sip on my tall iced nonfat two splenda latte (& my venti ice water), i am silently making a promise to myself for this week: to take time out from each day to really look around me - to really see all the trees & lights & festivity - to really enjoy & soak up all the holiday cheer i can find. as trite as it may sound, the holiday season only comes around once every year - let's make it count.

as the week approaches, i have so much to look forward to: dinners with friends, a little bit of last-minute christmas shopping, christmas cooking, & then, justin is coming in town!

merry christmas week!

photo: iphone


memory said…
Hooray! So happy for you that Justin is coming! I live how you're promising to slow down and enjoy each little thing of the season...I want to do that too.
Faison said…
Great words! Merry Christmas week!
Stephanie said…
What a good idea! Best to soak everything up this week because it will be a year until it's here again!

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