kinston bound.

today i am headed toward my brand new town, for a week-long visit. it will be my first time there ever, & as i have said in previous posts, i am absolutely thrilled to finally put places & faces to descriptions & names. justin has been living & working in our little east-coast town for about a month & a half now. i'm planning to get acquainted with the area, try out exercise routines, find the local coffee shops, take road trips to the surrounding areas, & above all - spend time with justin in what will soon be our home.


Elle Sees said…
i like NC...but be prepared for some very different southern accents! hppy NYE! xo
Jennifer said…
My sister lived in NC for a few years and loved it! So exciting that you're going to visit your soon to be home! Hope you have lots of fun.
Breanna said…
Happy New Year's Eve :)

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